Find out if you are among the lucky ones

Find out if you are among the lucky ones

Salary increases are expected between December and January, but not for all workers. Here’s why and who they belong to.

Exorbitant bills and increases in the cost of living in general continue to affect the lives of many Italian citizens. As a result, the economic value of money continues to decline andInflation continues to weigh on the current account.

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Here is some good news for workers: Salary increases in December and January. Unfortunately, the increases will not affect everyone but only employees. this is the reason.

Higher salary for these workers: Find out if you are among the lucky ones

Salaries in December and January will be higher because this year Christmas and New Year’s Day, as unused holidays, will be recognized as additional working days.

Obviously, this is not new because the recognition of unused holidays as additional working days is provided for in the legislation. This year, December 25th and January 1st fall on a Sunday, becoming no-frills holidays. This means that if it falls on a holiday, you will not be able to enjoy the paid rest recognized on national holidays.

We remind you that on December 24 and 31, Christmas and New Year’s Eve respectively, workers are not entitled to overtime pay because they are not public holidays. That is why they will be considered two “normal” days of the week.

Among other things, in December, a significant part of employees will receive the 13th (some can have it monthly in their salary package). This year will be affected by the 2% contribution exemption if the total amount is less than 2,692 euros. As a result, the net amount will increase.

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Moreover, the INPS informed that the payroll waiver will be applied from July, but in fact, all waivers between January and June will benefit from the 2% rate.

What will be the consequence of the tax exemption? In practice, on the 13th, the employee will pay 2% less contributions. Accordingly, the subscription rate will be 7.19% (in previous years it was 9.19%); So whoever takes the thirteenth of:

  • 1,000 euros will increase by 20 euros;
  • 1,500 euros will increase by 30 euros;
  • 2000 euros will increase by 40 euros.

Even in January salary increase

In the January 2023 paycheck, in addition to the 2% contribution exemption, workers with a gross salary of less than €1,584 will receive an increase of 1%. In this way the dilution will be 3%, while the contribution rate will be reduced to 6.19%.

Finally, from January, civil servants’ salaries will be increased by 1.5% on a temporary basis until the new contract. However, the increase, unlike the contribution exemption, will be total: for example, on a salary of €1,500, an increase of €22.50 is due, but taxes and contributions must be deducted from that.

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