Has a burning acceleration, video is a must

Has a burning acceleration, video is a must

The modified Lancia Delta Integrale has become a real racing car: the modified car has burning acceleration, the video is crazy

there Lancia Delta Integrated It is one of the most extreme sports cars ever. A true four-wheeled racing car based of course on the road model in production from 1979 to 1993. A car designed to participate in the World Rally Champions, however, it has won five occasions with the Home Builders title and a total of 35 wins.

Lancia Delta Integrale (Monitor)

However, there is a more extreme version. Made byAMD Slovenia Avtothe Slovenian team of coaches led by Milan Bubenik, Los Angeles Delta HF Integrale Evo It really is a crazy high speed racing car thanks to its turbocharged 2.0L engine that delivers power 700 hp Which replaced the original chain drive normally.

natural Changes to the chassisStarting at the front of the car, with large air intakes instead of the fenders necessary to cool the powerful engine. Intact, however, the front grille “heir” the basic version. The sides are widened significantly, with massive wheel arches, while a large diffuser was installed at the rear to keep it “fixed” on the asphalt, while from an aerodynamic point of view also was installed Gorgeous back wing.

Lancia Delta Integrale, sexy video

there Delta It can also be admired in a video posted on Youtube with the car sharing the ups and downs of Cividale and driven by the Bubnic driver. The engine’s roar is impressive, with a lightning-fast start from a nearly inexhaustible sleep state.

burning accelerationEven on downhill stretches, the Delta doesn’t seem to experience any difference in elevation at all, with the powerful engine pushing steadily and regularly. The car then has a long grip on the asphalt in curves, certainly thanks to the rear diffuser and massive front bumper that actually keep it stuck to the asphalt.

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It’s also perfect in bows with a hairpin Sharp bends And in the slalom between obstacles, which indicates great agility despite being much wider than the basic version, with massive wheel arches.

Lancia Delta Integrale still for sale

Lancia Delta Integrale is still for sale with numerous advertisements on specialized portals. On Subito.it, Autoscout, enthusiasts can find various models on offer with the possibility to purchase, in some cases, original memorabilia that made the history of cars and motorsports.

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