Charging the smartphone battery in this way makes the situation worse: this is the right way not to spoil it

Charging the smartphone battery in this way makes the situation worse: this is the right way not to spoil it

Be careful when recharging your smartphone battery, if we do, we risk spoiling it sooner than expected.

At present I am cell phone They got real extend us. We are always at hand and we do not forget them somewhere, we will immediately feel as if we are out of this world.

A mistake not to do so as not to spoil the smartphone battery (

Right now, defining them as simple cell phones is almost an understatement, given that Current smartphones do it all. In fact, you can use them for convenient shopping online, check your credit card balance, take photos, send emails, post posts on various social networks and much more. In short, it is now as if they were portable minicomputers that we could hardly part with. Obviously, fiddling with a mobile phone all day between one app and another involves rapid battery drain, so we’ll arrive by mid-morning when we’ll actually have to recharge it.

The mistake we make when we charge our smartphone battery: we risk breaking it

Charging our smartphone is not a complicated process at all, on the contrary, it is one of the most straightforward procedures that can be done. Simply use the included cable, insert it into the adapter and then directly into the stream. however, There is a misconception that the risk of making it last is much less Not only there drumsbut also the smartphone itself.

The secret to properly charging your smartphone (

Ever since we bought our first cell phone, we’ve always been told that Before charging it again we will have to make sure that the battery status has reached 0%. Practically in our hands, our phone has to be completely turned off before we can recharge it, But is it really really like what? The answer is Obviously notas it is at all Wait for an error until it reaches 100% before unplugging it from the charger.

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In fact, recent studies have shown that charging a phone completely empty and waiting for it to reach 100% does nothing but cause sudden temperature changes that irreparably damage the battery and therefore the phone itself. To avoid this kind of thermal “stress”, the correct ratio should be no less than 15% and no higher than 85%. In this way, we will not only preserve the condition of the battery, but also avoid serious damage to the phone. Also, for the same, that is, to maintain the condition of the battery, one must Absolutely avoid keeping the phone charging overnight. Finally, let’s get used to Use original chargers only Avoid low-cost items, which do not guarantee proper performance and damage various components.

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