Fiat Uno ready to come back with a new look? Here’s what that might look like

Fiat Uno ready to come back with a new look?  Here’s what that might look like

Fiat has decided to bring back the models that made the brand’s history, following the dictates of the 500, 600 and Panda. This is what the new Uno could be.

Fiat has a goldmine of potential on its hands, especially with the electric shift. Instead of launching innovative cars on the market but without any particular charm, look at the latest models available from Volkswagen, You can rely on a historical library that includes the best modern cars. The success of the new 500 fully electric car arose precisely from the desire for continuity between past, present and future.

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The new Panda will arrive in 2024, but in the near future a new version could also make its way which will warm the hearts of millions of FIAT fans who own a Uno. The first generation arrived in the early 1980s It represented the perfect compromise For many new young drivers and families. The first series of Uno remained in production from 1983 until 1995. In 2010, the car was relaunched with a modern key in South America but it was not a resounding success.

But the first generation spread widely in Italy. The reason is also fairly common. The car was simple and economical, making it ideal for big cities. Small enough to get through traffic and find parking almost anywhere, it became a viable alternative to its German rivals. The car was to be the exclusive property of Lanciawho commissioned Giorgetto Giugiaro to create a replacement for the Autobianchi A112.

The idea was born in the late 1970s, but in the end Fiat was running production. In 1983, with an investment of 1,000 billion liras, Fiat unveiled the car to the world, promoting its offer in grand style. It was the years of announcement and the launch took place between rocketsAt Cape Canaveral. The Forattini commercial on the Uno made history, with phrases like: “It’s comfortable,” “It’s stylish,” “It’s fast,” “It’s economical,” and, for the diesel version, “It’s travelable.”

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New Fiat Uno

The first model represented a transition to modernity compared to the old 127. The five-door version had less spread than its three-door sibling. The car’s chassis allows for a dynamic drag coefficient of 0.332. Some beautiful pepper versions have also been made. Ironically, the square Torino of the time boasted a touch of sportiness that young people today don’t appreciate.

For the 1984 car, 15 colors were created, Of which 5 are metal. The Series II was unveiled in 1989, with a Tipo-style body. The grille was lower and narrower while the tail was cut off. In total, Fiat sold 9 million units. With the trend of SUVs, the new model could have higher wheels and give a nice boost to the Piedmontese company’s price list.

The new 600 has already changed course with the past, so why not do the same with the Uno? It could become a compact SUV Which will meet the needs of a wide range of customers, especially in our latitudes. Take a look at the video above of Beloved Show 1.

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