A new restocking in Amazon Italy is coming! Here are all the details

A new restocking in Amazon Italy is coming!  Here are all the details

New stock from PlayStation 5 About to reach repositories Amazon Italia. This was announced by the e-commerce company itself On the console page.

As many of you already knew by reading our news, Amazon Italy launched New anti-scalper system for PlayStation 5 sale. Basically, users interested in purchasing the console will have to place an order and only after verification by the staff will the purchase invitations be sent out.

Many have already applied in recent days, but if you haven’t yet, this might be the right opportunity to put yourself on the waiting list. It will be enough for you Go to the console page at this address after logging in, and place the order.


New stocks of PlayStation 5 It will arrive in warehouses in the next few days. In fact From August 31, new invitations to purchase the console will be sent to users who have requested it. Quantities will be limited, as previously mentioned. So there won’t be enough invites for everyone and obviously if someone doesn’t make a purchase within the given time frame, we will proceed to send out new invites.

This could be more important One of the last buying opportunities PlayStation 5 Price hasn’t gone up yet. In fact, the bundle consists at least for now of the PS5 Standard as well as a digital copy of Forbidden horizon west It is on sale for 559.99 euros.

However, Sony has already announced a price increase of 50 eurosin both standard and digital editions, due to increased production and distribution costs.

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