Booming European stock markets, Powell convinces markets. The Bank of England does not touch rates

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The European stock exchanges They react well to the decisions of the Federal Reserve and to the words of Jerome Powell. “Our decision to start tapering has no implications for future interest rate decisions”: The Fed chair said what the exchanges wanted to hear, the fact that the Fed had begun to reduce the extraordinary stimulus launched during the pandemic (buying government bonds and mortgage bonds). For 120 billion a month) doesn’t mean it’s preparing for the future either raise rate.

And leave the prices unchanged there too Bank of England, despite expectations that the cost of money would rise, which would have been the first among the world’s major central banks. However, the BoE left open the possibility of monetary policy tightening soon, stating that a rate hike “may come in the next few months” if the economy continues to improve as expected. The decision was not unanimous: At today’s meeting, two of the nine members of the Monetary Policy Committee, the Bank of England’s monetary committee, voted for an immediate 15 basis point increase.

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Tenaris is run every three months in the spotlight on Piazza Afari

On the corporate front, Piazza Avary looks at third-quarter accounts for listed companies.Intesa San Paulo It folds again in the stock market after accounts confirm the weak reaction of operators given that all attention has shifted to the new business plan. Shares are back below €2.50. he runs Tenaris which closed the third quarter with a profit of $326 million and revenue rose 73%, beating expectations. Sanam retight gas The board closed the first nine months of the year with revenue of 2.33 billion (+15%) and net profit of 938 million (+7%), and the board also approved a 2021 interim dividend of 1,048 per share. Many of the big names in Piazza Afari are bringing their accounts to the market. Preparation Banka GeneralAnd Cnh IndustrialAndMps BankAnd EnelAnd insideAnd Mayor of Tecnemont.

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Oil rebound after the black day

Crude oil prices rose after a dark day before. Wednesday’s session, November 3, was generally busy with the energy sector, which was affected by it US stocks rise, as well as US production, which has returned to 11.5 million barrels per day, or rather, to pre-Hurricane Ida levels. MBS Capital Services analysts say downward pressures may also have contributed to the news that at the end of the month Negotiations with Iran. Moreover, the meetingOPEC + From which certain news should not come. According to recent statements – analysts say – the producing countries should opt for confirmation of the planned increase of 400,000 barrels per day in December as well, despite recent pressure from US President Biden, above all, to increase production.

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