Condensing boilers are the real revolution, but what are their disadvantages? Pros and Cons

Condensing boilers are the real revolution, but what are their disadvantages?  Pros and Cons

We often hear about condensing boilers as a real revolution. Let’s find out what are the pros and cons of this method.

Do you need to redo your heating system and should you choose a condensing boiler? You’ve just come to the right place. Actually, today we will try to understand what are the pros and cons of this type of boiler. The condensing boiler is becoming increasingly popular and gradually replacing the traditional boiler. Compared to the latter, the condensing boiler Do not disperse exhaust fumes into the environment. This is the main and most important difference, which therefore relates to the environmental aspect. But how exactly does a condensing boiler work and what happens to the exhaust fumes?

Condensing boiler: advantages and disadvantages of the green system

Condensing boiler is called by this name Uses water vapor and condensation that arise during combustion. Thanks to this system, it is possible to reduce and improve exhaust fume emissions at the same time Energy efficiency of the system.

Condensing boilers are becoming increasingly popular

Does not release exhaust fumes into the environment (

In fact, with a condensing boiler, it is possible Reducing gas consumption: Excellent news, considering the rates of recent years. In fact, energy efficiency is definitely one of the advantages of this heating system, which, by using the water vapor produced during combustion, manages to reduce Emissions from conventional boilers.

By choosing a condensing boiler, as well as doing the environment a favor, you are also doing your pocket a favor through savings The energy ranges from 20 to 30%.

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Energy efficiency of this system Heating is about 90%. To encourage the replacement of old boilers with condensing boilers, some have been provided Tax deductions Particularly comfortable, which is another advantage. We are talking about discounts that can reach 65% of expenses incurred.

Although the advantages of a condensing boiler are many There is no shortage of flaws. This type of boiler requires constant use of heating, because it uses Low energy use. Moreover, it should not be overlooked The initial investment that will be made It is definitely louder than the traditional kettle.

Another aspect to take into consideration Exhaust systemBecause with the condensing boiler it is necessary to connect the wastewater system. In this way it will be possible to get rid of the remaining combustion condensate. Finally, the condensing boiler provides a Periodic maintenance. Although this is not a real disadvantage, you need to be aware of the expenses that you will have to pay periodically.

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