Sulli Sorge can no longer hide: a new ‘creature’ is born

Sulli Sorge can no longer hide: a new ‘creature’ is born

Sully Surge can no longer hide and so he has shown his newly born creature to his many followers.

Soleil Sorge was the undisputed protagonist of Gf Vip 6. His candor, always snappy and love triangle with Alex Belli and Delia Duran, made this happen.

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Now that the reality is over two months ago, Many things have changed in his life. For example, recently his new “creature” appeared.

Sulley Sorge and his new “creature” have just been born

Solil Surg currently In the middle of new chatter. After the love triangle story with Alex Belli and Delia Duran, which continued throughout her stay inside Gf Vip 6, it seems that the former suitor of Men and Women has finally turned the page. Now that her relationship with the actor is almost zero, Since she called him inconsistent and admitted that she couldn’t stand certain theaters, many believe she had a new love.

No news about the alleged friend That Soleil Sorge has announced he was there while on the reality show, but many rumors of an alleged flirtation with Gianluca Costantino, his former roommate at Italy’s most spying house. We know that the personal trainer is also the best friend of Alessandro Bacciano, the current boyfriend of Sophie Codegoni and so on The four flew to Ibiza.

Many think so It was a real couple trip, Especially in light of the fact that Constantine, even inside Gf Vip 6, has never hidden his interest in Soleil Sorge. But it was she who revealed the truth In an interview with Casa Chi. His words were very clear: “What are we doing here? Gianluca organized everything. (…) A little gossip emerged about romantic vacations. During this romantic getaway, the proceeds will be donated to charity. That’s the only real thing.” In the past few hours, Sulley Sorge has shown everyone his new creature.

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Sulli’s new “creature”

Solly Sorge, just returned from her vacation in Ibiza with Sophie Codigoni, Alessandro Bacciano and Gianluca Costantino, He showed his new creature to his followers. This is one of his (and not only) fashion lines, It is called Sole State. In fact, it has already been several days since Sorge Posting information about the group on his social profiles, But now he was finally able to show it all.

So, while in the stories on Instagram, he revealed all the parts of the group, in the meantime he posted a post in which he wanted to thank us. After thanking her team, Sorge, speaking to her fans, added: “Thank you for the support and inspiration you have given me.”

Soli Surge and its new "creature" - Politician 24
Source: Soleil Sorge Instagram

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