Federica Calemme spills the beans on Alex Belli: It happened after GF Vip 6

Outside the home of the GF Vip 6, Federica Calemme decided to break the silence on Alex Belli: the mask was revealed with a powerful blow.

guest in an episode of Chee’s houseThe beautiful Napoli wanted to reveal once and for all the person who caused so much discussion on the reality show Mediaset even after leaving home: Alex Belli.

Federica Calemme and Alex Belli, GF Vip 6 competitors (Instagram photo)

Known as a former L’Eredità Professor and Miss TV Sorrisi e Canzoni 2017, Federica Calmy She has made it clear that she was never Alex Bailey’s inspiration. The beautiful Neapolitan who found love with her compatriot Gianmaria Antinolfi in Casablanca, participated in one of the last episodes of Casa Che where she revealed: “They say I was an inspiration to Billy, but that’s not true. He adds that he has some photos of me at the agency and that he rejected me..another big lie! “.

So the model made it clear that she never sent her shots to Delia Duran’s husband, emphasizing: “The truth is that… He follows me on social media and has also written to me on various occasionsWith these words, Federica announced that Alex Bailey would have called her several times to take pictures of her in Milan, but the opportunity would never have had to make the meeting concrete. “He says I’ve been neglected because I don’t have the spark to him, but it’s lies. Hang my call again, may have met myself!

Federica Calemme on Alex Belli: ‘I don’t like him as a person’

Federica Calmy spills beans on Alex Bailey
Federica Calm and Gianmaria Antinolfi (Twitter)

Every mother Federica Calmy The script misled again, if there really was one, played by Alex Belli in the Big Brother Vip. To confirm his version of the facts was the Neapolitan businessman who managed to steal his heart at home: Janmaria Antinolfi.

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Also at Casa Chi, the Givino said: “Am I going to send her to Alex Bailey’s factory to show up? I really think she’ll never go away!”. But that’s not all, Federica is convinced that the beloved CentoVetrine actor had second end When I call her: “I don’t like him as a person!”The Neapolitan supermodel exclaimed that if she now found herself in the House of GF Vip with Belli, she would definitely have avoided him.

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