Movies and programs today, Tuesday, July 18

Movies and programs today, Tuesday, July 18

What are the movies and TV shows tonight, Tuesday, July 18th? Let’s go through together the digital terrestrial programming on the major Rai and Mediaset networks. From the cinematic plane mode to a new date with Radio Norba Cornetto Patetti Live. But the list of programs does not end there.

The hottest week of summer continues and what could be better than staying at home in the company of what digital terrestrial has to offer? With Tonight on TV, it will be easier to decide what you want to see. In Rai 2 we find the funny comedy with Lillo Petrolo and Paolo Ruffini, Flight mode. What happens if you lose your mobile phone on a plane? Instead, in Italia 1 we find the third episode of Radio Norba Cornetto Batetti Live, as usual by Elisabetta Gregoracci and Alan Palmieri, with the participation of Mariasol Beaulieu. The artists who will perform on stage in Bari are: Tanani, Fedez, Analisa, Article 31, Boumdabach, Fred de Palma, Anna Mina, Elettra Lamborghini, Goi, Gabri Ponti, Colabissi DiMartino, Aretti, Francesco Gabbani, Benji & Finlay, Aiello and Ofenbach & Svea, Clara, Alvaro De Luna, Aaron, LDA, Cioffi, Caffelatte, Haiducii. Finally on the ninth, for fans of martial arts movies, here it is IP Man 2in which the protagonist will attempt to open a Wing Chun school in Hong Kong but to do so he will have to challenge the martial arts masters in the city.

Tonight on TV: Movies from Earth’s digital schedule

Plenty of movies on digital terrestrial to keep you company during the evening. Among it all, here are the “must watch” titles. Let’s start with Cine34 which broadcasts cult Italian cinematography starring Lino Banfi, in one of his most iconic characters, Auronzo Canna in The coach is on the ball. The peculiarity of the film is the presence of many famous celebrities, including football players active at the time of filming, commentators, coaches and journalists (such as Nils Liedholm, Giancarlo De Sisti, Giampiero Galeazzi, Aldo Biscardi, Nando Martellini). To continue with Warner TV and the movie Marriage license. Among the protagonists, there is also a small part of Ben Stiller’s wife who plays Christine Joan Taylor, Sadie Jones’ sister.

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The Coach in Football at 21.04 on Cine34

the coach Auronzo Cana (Lino Banfi) has been hired by the Lombardy soccer team, which has been newly promoted to the Italian Serie A championship. President Borlotti (Camilo Meili), a small industrialist from the north, a man so naive that he does not even see the secret relationship between his wife Marilda (Licinia Lentini) with the heart of a team striker, spurs (Stefano Davanzatti). Moreover, he does not understand anything about football, and the transfer campaign is a complete disaster. Kana travels to Brazil to find a player worthy of leading the Lombards to victory. After evading a scam Gigino and his “manager” Andrew (Gigi Sammarchi and Andrea Roncato), Kana returns to Italy with his star: the soccer player Aristotle (Urs Althaus).

Marriage License at 21.30 on Warner Television

The engaged couple Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) H Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) finally decides to get married in a church and it is clear that they are obligated to attend the usual pre-marital training course. Leading future spouses on this journey of awareness is the parish priest of St. Augustine Honest pastor (Robin Williams). Before giving the blessing to them, the bishop asks that they pass the exams with flying colours. But these are no mere tests, and even Frank will be intrusive, to the point of testing the two boys who will reach their limit and ask themselves: Are we really convinced we want marriage?

Other movies broadcast on digital terrestrial tonight

  • Predator 2 9.22pm on Ray4 (Directed by Stephen Hopkins, with Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Ruben Blades, 1990)
  • Sheriff without a gun 9.13pm on Iris (Director by Michael Curtis, with Will Rogers Jr., Nancy Olson, Lon Chaney Jr., 1954)
  • Lucas has disappeared 9.10pm in Rai (Director by Bruno Garcia, with Assaad Bawab, Florence Thomasin, Laetitia Milot, 2021)
  • Lupine the Third – Prisoner of the Past 21.10 on Italia 2 (Directed by Hatsuki Tsuji, with voices by Kaneshi Kurita, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Miyuki Sawashiro, 2019)
  • Superman II 21.08 at Twenty Seven (Director by Richard Lester, with Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, 1980)
  • Infiltrator – X and the Wolf 9.15pm on Italia 7 Gold (Directed by Bobby Moresco, with James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Renfro, 2006)
  • Fire with fire 21.12 on 20 (Director by David Barrett, with Josh Duhamel, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, 2012)
  • I’m starting over 8.55pm on TV2000 (Director by Raymond de Villeta, with Peter Falk, Paul Reiser, Olympia Dukakis, 2005)
  • Dead in a week…or your money back 9.14pm on Ray5 (Director by Tom Edmunds, with Aneurin Barnard, Tom Wilkinson, Freya Mavor and Christopher Eccleston, 2018)
  • Gasoline alley 21.15 on the Sky (Director by Edward Drake, with Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, 2022)
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tv shows tonight

Before we leave you to see, a few more suggestions. In Canale 5 we find an exact copy of the first episode of the TV series Paolo Borsellino, starting from 1980, when he was in charge of investigating the criminal activities of various Palermo mafia gangs and in particular the emerging Corleonesi gang led by Totò Riina. Borsellino will contact his colleague and childhood friend Giovanni Falcone to help him by creating a famous anti-mafia rally. While the last episode of the Katrina Ballivo program is broadcast on Tv8, Who wants to marry my mom or dad? Lorenzo is finally ready to make up his mind. Who will win her heart?

  • Paolo Borsellino street. 1 episode. 1 at 21:34 Channel 5
  • Who wants to marry my mom or dad? 21:30 on Tv8

For all the other movies, series and shows, please check out our complete guide to Tonight on TV.

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