Fans don’t dance, Ruff interrupts the party to boos. Tactical Nuclear Penguins: “Learning Respect” – video

Fans don’t dance, Ruff interrupts the party to boos.  Tactical Nuclear Penguins: “Learning Respect” – video

A party that ended with whistles and insults and without applause or applause. This is how life ended Ruf In Ferrara, after Rapper He argued with the audience in the front rows before leaving the stage without completing the show, complaining about the lack of participation:I stopped because a quarter of you were still at the end of the party And there’s nothing like the last song that stays still. It doesn’t exist guys! The concert is now over and you haven’t missed an event yet! its a problem. Very nice to those who jumped, and for the rest, I’m sorry guys, have more fun, good-bye ». In the background some fans were shouting “If you don’t put the last one, we won’t leave!”. But the other fans, after the outburst of the rapper’s anger, when they saw him go away, began to shout: “Dumb, stupid.”

The video of Rove’s speech went viral immediately, sparking controversy and criticism from several quarters. Then the rapper on Instagram tried to explain why he exploded, but without going back on the words spoken on stage: “Yesterday’s life went well and I finished singing all the tracks to the end. Unfortunately I’m asking too much of myself and seeing a bunch of people who didn’t give me signals under the stage I was frustrated and said these things. Thanks to those who understand and lovely to all the rest of the guys who broke it all. I repeat, I’m sorry for the people in the front row with the mask on like it’s a funeral. You must yourselves.”

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Tactical Nuclear Penguins Drill In Rove

but the Tactical Nuclear Penguins Who commented on Instagram about Rove’s stance against fans: “We’re finally back in live music and in recent days we’ve seen gay videos of singers insulting their fans on stage because they’re not singing or jumping. Now who explains that making them sing and jump is their job? It is as if a cook insulted the customers by leaving leftovers on their plates or not eating them.” Finally, the Tactical Nuclear Penguins launched a dig at the rapper: “When we talk about clutter, we also talk about this: evenings with 50 disinterested people in front of you that you have to overcome on your own teach you first and foremost respect. Then trade. Giving concerts and doing hits are two different things. These strange months show us at length.”

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