Science as a new form of ethics?

NS Authors Belluno, November 26, 2021 – Today science is becoming more and more a form of morality; Its purpose is to increase its power infinitely.

However, technological science is hypothetical knowledge and still is. He has power over the world and its conditions, but has abandoned the search for truth, a principle that stands and does not allow itself to be contradicted as Aeschylus (525 BC – 456 BC) teaches in the hymn of Zeus “Agamemnon”.

If we look carefully, we realize that it is science itself that admits of its hypothetical, deductive character. In fact, not even the most powerful of artificial intelligence can be infallible and be able to provide a definitive answer to the wonder of existence.

The well-being, happiness and security that Techne (in Greek) can bestow upon man are tentative assumptions, although its ability to produce it is largely taken for granted (see the question of vaccines against Sars-Cov2).

However, when we realize that even this “happiness” is devoid of that absolute guarantee which only truth can give, it will be inevitable that peoples will begin to think if there is no sense of truth different from that which we have in our time. He was forced to give up which resulted in the dominance of the new “persistence”, the “last of the gods” for the time being.

This day is a transient illusion of eternity among today’s utopias like the salvation of the body: where the container becomes more precious than the content that disappears with its aspects and peculiarities; Like technology that manipulates matter but cannot change substance orwhat’s under it.”

However, a simple man must remember that there is a natural order in which he is: being, and there can be no other; Only in this way will he regain his identity and serenity.

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Alicia Bianchini

Daniel Trabuco

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