Choose Juventus for Raiola and the money

Choose Juventus for Raiola and the money

Turin – In the little daily thought devoted to his former team today Matisse de Ligt Tell the world that before Juventus Why They were attracted by Maurizio Sarri’s attacking gameleaving the implicit meaning, but very clear “I left because Allegri defends very poorly.”. The frequency with which the Dutchman has removed gravel from his shoes in recent weeks is curious, but agrees with the boy who He has an honest habit of saying what he thinks.

Raiola’s plan – However, his last statement is worth a little Clarification. De Ligt sure was too fascinated by saripalBut in 2019 He signed for Juventus because Mino Raiola wanted him and for the money. The brilliant and late lawyer had charted his career when he moved it to his stable, as he always did with his phenomenology. Step 1: growth in Ajax. Step 2: an intermediate step in a great team, but with “merchant“, The Juventus. The plan was clear, and one could almost imagine the speech: “Dear Matisse, at Juventus you start to make good profits, you perform on a stage bigger and clearer than Ajax, and you learn to defend in the Italian championship against a phenomenon like Chiellini (who never hurts), Then at the right moment we take another leap to a very big level, where – Step 3 – You can earn more and increase your prestige. Got mages? ». The result was a gradual growth of the player and double commission Limino, who immediately took him to Barcelona (whom he was looking for that summer with great determination) and then risked leaving him there forever (one could hardly have imagined the financial disasters in Blaugrana at that time).

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The power of millions – In addition to the “Raiola plan”, to turn De Ligt’s Fate In Turin it was so engagement. Those 8 million euros per season with bonuses that brought the total to 12 million net per season They were more than Barcelona and any other team he offered. Perhaps they would have drawn him to Juventus, even if Allegri remained on the bench. De Ligt earned the second highest salary after Ronaldo and since last year it was the highest salary in Juventus and One of the highest paid defenders in the worldcertainly the highest wages among the under-25s.

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De Ligt, debut with goal and injury

Doubt in Bayern – In short, history can be told in many ways, that romantic From falling in love and a little tactic More real (and real) than money, of which this Raiola genius was a devoted admirer. So much so that the choice of Bayern Munich leaves us confused: would Mino take him to Bavaria? Who knows.. the suspicion is legitimate because Bayern is not a club that sells easily. If he invests too much in a player, he will be kept until the end of his career or, at least, at the end of the contract (as happened with Alaba And the LewandowskiTwo had to wait for the deadline to leave the club). How do I say, if it’s a game Nagelsmann If he doesn’t like it, he risks making it fit for a while.

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