Active players are almost half of them compared to launch –

new world, an MMO for PC from Amazon Games, apparently He lost nearly half of his player base in a month.

As reported by Paul Tassi from Forbes, according to statistics from SteamCharts In terms of the number of active users at the same time, New World could have lost on average about 135,000 players per week, from a peak of 913,000 active users logged on Sunday 3 October to 508,000 Users on Sunday 24 October.

New world, fight

As in physiological such as decline in use, the new world is MMOThis is a type of game that lives thanks to its community and is designed to ensure content that can entertain users for long periods of time. Thus, such a decline could be worrisome.

The reasons could be manifold, such as long login waits in the past few weeks, which have strained users’ patience, or possible general dissatisfaction with end-game content, those that usually move the community for long periods, awaiting major updates or expansions.

On the other hand, MMOs are also long-term projects. In short, the developers have plenty of wiggle room to solve any problems or shortcomings in terms of content.

Are you still playing New World? If the answer is no, why not? Let us know in the comments.

Just a few days ago, Amazon Games released the new global update 1.04 and restored transfers between servers.

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