Renault 4: In 2024 the legend is reborn

Renault 4: In 2024 the legend is reborn

Renault decided, under Luca de Meo’s guidance, to re-propose the models that had historically been more successful in a modern and electric switch. After the launch of the R5, at the end of 2024, the role of Renault R4. The two cars will share mechanics, but while the R5 will be a city car, the R4 will be a crossover with a length of about 400-410 cm. If the R5 replaces the electric Twingo, the R4 will be the heir to the Zoe.

As shown by our reconstruction (in the drawing above), the Renault 4 It will be inspired by the concept Renault Cup 4 (below) was shown last October at the Paris Motor Show. So it will be a small crossover with off-road-inspired styling, and therefore with decent ground clearance, raw plastic wheel arches along the bottom of the car and roof rails. There is no shortage of references to the old R4 visible in the third side glass and in the shape of the grille, which also features the illuminated bezel and ‘bracketed’ daytime running lights.

> Pictured above is the 4Ever Trophy concept, which anticipates the new R4’s shapes.

for new Renault 4 It is expected that a battery will be placed in the floor with a capacity 42 kWh and drive approx 140 hp which transmits traction to the front wheels. A refined multimedia system with Google services should not be lost.

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