F1 | Christmas also arrives for Ferrari: excellent signs for the 2026 engine! F1

F1 |  Christmas also arrives for Ferrari: excellent signs for the 2026 engine!  F1

Over the Christmas break, encouraging information about engine development for 2026 was leaked from Ferrari's factory in Maranello.

With the Christmas atmosphere at the end of another sporting year, in Ferrari There seems to be a less tense and more tense atmosphere Optimistic about the future. There is not much time left until the future is introduced Ferrari 676But those who occupy the arena these days are good results obtained in First test To the bank of the future Engine for 2026.

Enrico Gualtieri, Ferrari Power Unit Technical Director (© Scuderia Ferrari media center)

The last days of the year were warm because News leaked from JESapparently sealed over Christmas, on Bo Ferrari 2026. Of the first tests performed on the workbench, viz results Apparently they were to encourageDespite the great progress compared to them Organizational change. PUs will be 2026 Completely different than the ones we have been used to so far, with more restrictions aimed at efficiency. The new single seater will see a 50% split of energy between the thermal and hybrid parts, and Remove MGU-H that it Safer mode DaleMGU-K inside the frame. Furthermore, starting in 2026, Formula 1 will adopt the use E-fuel only With zero effect. All these restrictions must be left a Margin of freedom of developmentWhich allows the application of different philosophies aimed at achieving performance.

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Therefore, the engine tested will definitely not be the one used by Ferrari in 2026. The power unit will pass through a A period of complex development Until 2026 to fit perfectly with all Restrictions imposed Dey Systems. However, it is a very good omen to have good results In a stadium like this Basic Development, which attests to the good work done work team Directed by Enrico Gualtieri Implement. To foster optimism regarding development there certainly partnership Ferrari with the Austrian company AVLpregnant Lots of knowledge Within range hybrid. So the year 2023 ends not only with great anticipation for the future 676, but also with a little Excitement towards 2026.

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Cover Photo: Power unit 066/7 for SF23 ©Giorgio Piola

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