PlayStation 5, few people know this function: activate it within 30 seconds and improve the gaming experience

PlayStation 5, few people know this function: activate it within 30 seconds and improve the gaming experience

Do you have a PlayStation 5 at home? Few people know this wonderful function: activate it in 30 seconds and improve the game.

Probably among the most desired and requested toys for Christmas this year, there is definitely one PlayStation 5. The latter, great for use by both adults and children, has a really great selection of games that make spending the days really fun. It can be used and exploited especially on “Christmas holiday” days and evenings.

How to improve the functionality of your PlayStation 5 –

But let's see together, How to make it perfect and highly effective by activating a special function that few people know. In just 30 seconds you will be able to improve your games. Ready to meet her?

PlayStation 5? Here is the feature you need to activate to optimize your games

As we said earlier, the PlayStation, whatever its version and model, is definitely among the most sought-after and desired toys at Christmas. Among the PlayStation devices, if you then want to express your preference, you will definitely choose number 5. It's a bit like what happens with mobile phones, especially with the iPhone: the more updated versions appear, the more you want to have them.

there PlayStation 5 It manages to attract adults and children alike, keeping them glued for hours and hours so that they can complete the tasks required by the games, so that they can level up and above all so that they can fully enjoy these Christmas holidays, indulging in a bit of relaxation. But there is a function inside it that only a few people know about but which in less than 30 seconds manages to improve the quality of the game.

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How to optimize your PlayStation 5 in 30 seconds –

This trick is very simple and will make your life easier when you decide to play. In fact, just turn on the TV and PlayStation like always, and get in “Settings”, Click on this item “System”, communicate with HDMI Enable selection on “One touch“. From this moment on, after activating this function, every time you turn on the PlayStation5 from the Joypad, the TV will also turn on and you will be able to activate everything in a short time and play and save time waiting for it to be activated.

In short, a function that you will no longer be able to do without and that will also allow you to sit on the couch and within 5 minutes will already be displayed in your chosen game. You will no longer have to use the remote to search for the launch box and settings, wait for everything to load and then play, which takes much more time than necessary. In short, just one click and you're done!

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