Insurance to care for pets as another part of the family

Insurance to care for pets as another part of the family

In 2021, pets legally become another member of the family and are no longer considered “things” to become “living organisms of sentience.” The truth is that everyone who enjoys the company of a pet knows that they feel unconditional love, they are another member of the family and their well-being is essential. In recent years, the number of pets in Spanish homes has increased significantly, and according to recent studies it is estimated that 40% live with dogs and cats. Moreover, this number is expected to rise. However, the penetration of pet insurance in our country is still very low (about 2%) and very low if we compare it to other EU countries such as the UK (40%) or Sweden (80%).

Pet insurance

Many families living with dogs and cats still do not know all the benefits of taking out veterinary health insurance and the impact this can have on their well-being. To take care of them as one another, ASISA has specific insurance from ASISA Pets which provides veterinary cover for both dogs and cats. “Pet health insurance is in increasing demand and more families are taking out insurance that allows them to have a care and care system for the health of dogs and cats, ensuring their well-being,” explains Jesús Millan, head of the ASISA offer. Access to a wide network of veterinary assistance which covers the majority of veterinary costs. Specifically, with ASISA Pets, owners will have access to more than 500 veterinary clinics distributed throughout Spain and with an average discount of more than 40% compared to private client prices. In addition, the insurance includes regular consultations, free vaccinations, including coronavirus, trivalent, quadrivalent or rabies vaccines, and a 24-hour emergency service.

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On the other hand, ASISA Pets offers a Veterinary Video Consultation service that provides online access to a veterinary specialist twice a year for each insured pet, and a Veterinary Chat that allows consultations via WhatsApp with the ease of sending photos and videos and getting a responsive communication in less than 3 minutes in Average. There is also a veterinary guidance telephone service giving access to a team of professionals to resolve any doubts regarding your pet’s health or the Mundo Mascotas service, with details on holidays, hotels, transport, breeding or events.

Among additional guarantees, ASISA Mascotas allows you to contract coverage such as capital in case of death by accident, capital in case of theft and/or expenses for sacrifice and disposal of remains.

Civil responsibility

“As of the end of September 2023, civil liability insurance is included in the Animal Welfare Law, which proposes to rent all dogs, extending it to the entire country and an obligation that some autonomous communities already had,” says Jesús Millan. That is why ASISA Pets allows employment as additional security for three possible capitals of civil liability: €150,000, €200,000 and €300,000. The incorporation of the Civil Liability Guarantee makes ASISA Pets one of the most complete dog and cat care insurances on the market.

Although this cover can currently only be obtained as pet insurance, in the coming months the insurer plans to market an exclusive pet liability product.

Best treatment

ASISA has been marketing its pet insurance since 2018 and already has more than 17,000 policies in place. This bet comes as part of the insurance company’s diversification plans to expand the scope of its personal insurance to serve people’s care, peace of mind, and luxury. The company realizes that pets are part of families and their owners include them in their plans to ensure the best care for them. “ASISA Mascotas allows us to offer families comprehensive coverage for all their needs that can be completely customized according to their circumstances and needs,” concludes Jesús Milan.

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Through this health insurance, insurance companies can complete their offerings and care for families in an integrated way, which is why potential growth is expected in the future. To continue to grow, Milan is convinced that they must work on two fronts: on the one hand, educating the community about the importance of taking care of the health of their pets, and on the other hand, increasing the range of products, customizing and adapting them to the needs of each customer.

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