Contribution of women to science. Nobel Prize Winners Exhibition

The history of women in culture and civic life has had a long history of distinction but also of marginalization. Centuries later, much has changed, but the gender gap, especially in the study of scientific disciplines, is still significant: just think that from 1901 to today, among the Nobel laureates, there were 864 men and only 59 women. Of these, 23 Nobel Prizes for scientific disciplines are intended for female figures: 4 for physics, 7 for chemistry and 12 for medicine. Until May 14, 2022, Prenestepop Srl presents the third and final Project Triennial Edition”science, femininethrough a ExhibitionAnd Workshops for schools h Acquaintanceall with free admission, and the project wants to honor the women who have contributed greatly over the centuries to scientific development.

Having told, in the first two editions, the women who have distinguished themselves in the scientific field from antiquity to the present day, In this third and final edition“Science, a feminine noun” aims to deepen scientific stories and discoveries 22 winners in Nobel prize In scientific disciplines: medicine, chemistry and physics. Like Marie Curiethe only woman to have received two Nobel Prizes (1903 and 1911) in two different scientific subjects (physics and chemistry); Gertie CorrieNobel Prize for Medicine (1947) for discoveries about carbohydrate metabolism; Rita Levi MontalciniNobel Prize in Medicine (1986) for the discovery of the nerve growth factor. Emmanuel Charpentier and Jennifer Doudnathe last two scientists to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2020) for developing a method Genome editing.

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It was Saturday, April 30 at 18, marking the official opening of the exhibition Clarification of the project in the presence of employees and representatives of institutions. Admission is free and open to all. The curator and script author of the exhibition is The Doctor Giovanna de SimonResearcher in the Biochemistry Laboratory of the Department of Science at Roma Tre University. The project manager is Mauro OricoOrganizer of cultural events.

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