Bianchi met with Georgia’s Minister of Education and Science, Mikhail Chinkelli

Ministry of Education – The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, met today with the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Mikhail Chinkelli. The meeting allowed an exchange of views on cooperation between the two countries in the field of education, training and knowledge of each other’s languages ​​and cultures, as well as measures adopted to support Ukrainian students.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss related policies to improve the quality of education systems and possible initiatives to enhance cooperation between the two countries. In this context, the two ministers expressed their hope that experiences in the field of language and culture promotion would be exchanged in Italy and Georgia. Then Minister Bianchi expressed his satisfaction with the introduction of Italian as a foreign language in Georgian schools, with the increasing number of Italian students in Georgia, while Minister Cecnicelli emphasized that language and culture represent the ideal tool for promoting mutual knowledge. Among other areas of potential cooperation, mention was made of the specific sector of vocational education and training as well as the development of exchanges between students and teachers of the Erasmus + programme.

Then the two ministers exchanged their actions for the benefit of the Ukrainian students. Emphasizing the closeness and solidarity of the Italian school with the Ukrainian people, Minister Bianchi then explained the measures adopted – in agreement with the European partners and the Kyiv authorities – to receive Ukrainian students in schools, and to ensure their educational continuity and continuity. training them, with the aim of allowing them to return to Ukraine whenever possible.

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