Feralipisalo-Barry 1-2: Live commentary

Feralipisalo-Barry 1-2: Live commentary
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Leonardo Garelli
    City: Piacenza
    Capacity: 21,668 spectators1.31 pm

    Source: Getty Images
  • Welcome to the Lino Torina Stadium in Salou to watch the match between Feralpisalo and Bari, a match valid for the thirteenth round of the Serie B championship.1.31 pm

  • The hosts are in last place with only 6 points, and have only achieved two draws in the last 5 days.1.32 pm

  • The visitors are in eighth place with 17 points and have been experiencing a positive series for 5 days, with 3 draws and two victories in the last two rounds.1.32 pm

  • The last direct confrontation played in Salou between the two teams ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the host team, on May 23, 2021.1.33 pm

  • Feralipisalo (3-5-2): Pizzinaco; Bergonzi, Cipitelli, Martella; Felici, Zenaro, Fiordelino, Ballestrero, Letizia; Companion, La Mantia Coach: Marco Zavaroni1.57 pm

  • Bari (3-5-2): Perino; Bossino, De Cesare, Vicari; Dorval, Koutsoubias, Acampora, Cibelli, Ricci; Diao, Nasty Coach: Pascual Marino1.59 pm

  • Teams entering the field. The match will be refereed by Kevin Bonacina from Bergamo.1.59 pm

  • The beginning of the match. First ball played by Feralpi Salo.2.01 pm

  • 4′

    Buccino puts it in the middle for Nasty, who stops the ball with his hand in the opponent’s area.2.07 pm

  • 7′

    Goal! Feralpisalo-Bari 0-1. The goal of Marco Nasti, who scored with an excellent header after a perfect cross from the left side by Koutsoubias.

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    Take a look at Marco Nasti’s player profile2.09 pm

  • 10′

    Penalty kick for Bari, Sebitelli naively loses the ball in the middle of the field, and Diaw takes advantage of it and flies away on his own, enters the area and jumps on the goalkeeper, knocking him down.2.14 pm

  • 11′

    Yellow for FeralpiSalò. Simuel Pitzinaco was booked for sending off Diaw, who jumped on him.2.12 pm

  • 12′

    A penalty kick was missed by Barry, and Diaw’s low shot to his left was blocked by Pitzinaco.2.13 pm

  • 15′

    Corner from Ritchie and a difficult header from Diao that ends high.2.15 pm

  • 16′

    Koutsoubias fell after being hit in the midfield.2.17 pm

  • 18′

    Martella fell after a light slap from Acampora.2.19 pm

  • 21′

    Companion cuts the ball from the right flank and fires a shot with his left foot, which ends up wide of the goalkeeper’s right.2.22 pm

  • 22′

    Yellow card for Barry.2.24 pm

  • 26′

    Letizia is on the ground due to ankle pain after a challenge with Acampora.2.27 pm

  • 29′

    A beautiful initiative from the left side by Ritchie, who dribbles past Felicie’s goalkeeper and sends a beautiful cross, but Diaw’s header fails to find the goal.2.30 pm

  • 32′

    A wonderful opening from Acampora to Ricci, who sent a cross, but Martella succeeded in clearing it with a header in the corner.2.33 pm

  • 32′

    In the corner, Di Cesare finished wide, but in an attempt to escape made a mistake.2.33 pm

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  • 37′

    Ritchie recovers the ball inside the opponent’s penalty area and tries to pass it to Diaw, but the referee points out the mistake committed by the left winger.2.38 pm

  • 42′

    Cibelli takes control and tries to shoot the ball with his left foot, but it does not face any deflection into the net.2.43 pm

  • 42′

    Yellow card for Bari. David Diaw was booked for a late challenge on Zenaro.2.44 pm

  • 45′

    Ceppetelli fell after a blow from Diao.2.46 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Two minutes added time.2.46 pm

  • 45’+3′

    FeralpiSalò players ask for the touch in the opponent’s area.2.48 pm

  • 45’+3′

    The whistle ends the first half. Feralpisalo-Bari 0-12.49 pm

  • The first half ended with the visitors leading 1-0. Barry broke the deadlock with an excellent header from Nasty. A few minutes later, the Bolivian team came close to doubling the score, but Diaw missed a penalty kick. After that, the visitors created some danger, especially from the left flank with Ritchie, but without creating great conditions to double the score.2.51 pm

  • 46′

    beginning of the second half . The first ball was played by Barry.3.04 pm

  • 48′

    Diaw was sent to the hilt due to a late challenge from Felicie.3.07 pm

  • 49′

    Goal! Feralpisalo-Bari 0-2. Giuseppe Sibelli Network. Acampora’s free-kick hit the goalpost, and Cibelli collected the ball and fired a left-footed shot that landed halfway to the goalkeeper’s left.

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    Take a look at Giuseppe Cibelli’s player profile3.10 pm

  • 51′

    Goal! Feralipisalo – Bari 1-2. Own goal by Valerio De Cesare, who turned Zenaro’s low cross from the right into his own net.

    Take a look at Valerio Di Cesare’s player profile3.12 pm

  • 52′

    Letizia’s left hand forces Perino to make a big tackle. Felicie attempts a curling shot after the bounce, which goes wide of the goal.3.11 pm

  • 54′

    Acampora is on the ground in pain after suffering a blow to his right temple.3.13 pm

  • 57′

    La Mantia plays for Companion, who frees himself in the penalty area and shoots high from an excellent position. Another chance for the hosts.3.17 pm

  • 59′

    An initiative by Letizia, who tries to pass it to Lamantia, but the ball is too far away.3.18 pm

  • 60′

    A change in midfield for Bari, with the entry of Gennaro Acampora and the entry of Mattia Maita.3.19 pm

  • 61′

    Yellow card for Bari. Francisco Vicari was cautioned after a violent challenge against Companion.3.20 pm

  • 62′

    Yellow card for Mattia Compagnon3.20 pm

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