become a teacher. The degree in education and training is the lowest “paid”, with a net of 1200 euros per month

become a teacher.  The degree in education and training is the lowest “paid”, with a net of 1200 euros per month

Once again unpleasant news on the front School world salaries. with Graduation in Education and Training Sciences, intended only for educational services in schools, after 5 years of certification, graduates receive on average between €1,093 and €1,272 per month, among the worst offers in terms of university faculty. Moreover, it is not new that the teacher works poorly for wages.

Most wanted and least wanted grades

what is it grades More requests and less ‘helpful’ requests in the field of employment? What is the employment rate of graduates of different colleges? What are the highest paid degrees and what are the least consumed in the world of work?


The most sought-after degrees in the world of work are the following:

  1. Certificate in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology
  2. Degree in Industrial Engineering and Informatics
  3. Certificate in Medical Health
  4. Degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering
  5. Certificate in Economics

there classification – Explains the portal – It is placed with a data pass Malaria 2021 in 5-year graduate employment rate of graduation (first-level graduates, two-year masters graduates and one-cycle masters graduates), divided by subject area.

For example, file Employment rate 5 years after graduation witty member of Information technology and information and communication technology are 97.2%; members in Industrial engineering and informatics they are 96.4%; L ‘The medical field touches 88%; for Architecture and civil engineering We are 91.4%; And to get a degree in Economie to 91.8%.

In general, according to the latest survey by AlmaLaurea, five years after obtaining a master’s degree STEM graduate employment rate is 92.1%. Furthermore, there are fewer STEM graduates than companies are looking for and this guarantees excellent job prospects and an above average salary.

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and me Humanities graduates? for them Employment rate is less than 80%which means more slowness and difficulty in finding work.

It is no coincidence that Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi is focusing on and promoting ITS Stem Specialties In schools, especially for girls, to compensate for the trend that sees more pupils than pupils, opt for science courses during high school.

So The aim of the MI, as part of banneris the guarantee Equal opportunity and gender equalityIn terms of teaching and guidance regarding the subjects turning off (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), to computer science and on Multilingual skillsfor all school courses, from kindergarten to high school, with an emphasis on female students and an interdisciplinary approach.

The most and least ‘paid’ degrees

Also in terms of pay, Stem degrees have an advantage, netting €1,457 per month for a three-year degree, which rises to €1,572 per month for a master’s degree. Degrees in the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary fields do even better, with €1,789 net per month for graduates from the Medical and Pharmaceutical group; and net €1,625 per month for veterinary graduates. As we said at the beginning, the degree in Education and Training Sciences, which together with the degree in Psychology and those in the technical field are about 1,000 or 1,200 euros per month. Even graduates In the field of communications They are more fortunate, netting €1,403 per month (compared to a three-year degree) or €1,492 net per month (compared to a specialist degree).

the classroom

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