Napoli, De Laurentiis-Spalletti’s Dinner for the Future: A Point in the Market | first page

Napoli, De Laurentiis-Spalletti’s Dinner for the Future: A Point in the Market |  first page

A few days before the Napoli Scudetto, on Friday evening a dinner with a view to the future took place between Luciano Spalletti and Aurelio De Laurentiis, which was also attended by managing director Andrea Schiavelli. The meeting lasted in a restaurant in the heart of the city for about three hours. Some aspects to be made clear on the table after being sent by the President to trigger the unilateral renewal clause for the coach immediately through 2024. Spalletti never said he didn’t feel good at Napoli, but in the past few days there have been rumors about a possible break between the two because Luciano didn’t particularly like the way that news reached him. But at the moment, the coach’s position is not in question.


Who can leave During the market dinner, the two discussed different topics and strategies for the summer. Spalletti asks for technical guarantees and promises not to sell all the big players to him, and the coach wants to start over from some fixed points to give continuity to the scudetto he won this year; On the other hand, there are different situations that may develop in the coming months. from Osiminfor which outstanding presentation can be evaluated, A Zelensky Issued in case of non-renewal (the current contract expires in June 2024, Napoli would prefer to sell it now so as not to lose it for free in a year). In Libra there is also the situation related to the future Kim. The defender has a €50m clause and Manchester United’s eyes have been on him for some time. Another player who could walk away if a convincing bid is made is Lozanowho will also finish in 2024 as Zielinski but with an additional knee injury that caused him to end the season early, for which he could have surgery.

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Repos joints – The other problem that needs to be solved – perhaps the most important one – is that of the sporting director. With Giuntoli pushed to leave towards Juventus – ds has a contract until 2024 but has already tried a first approach with the club to free himself up front – Napoli will have to find a new market man who can continue the work that ex Carpi has done so far. In recent days, Pietro Accardi’s portrait has taken off, manager of the first team and then manager of Empoli who has been following the club’s philosophy for years by promoting talented youngsters; Returning to the previous idea and the possibility of making an internal choice to replace Giuntoli within the company. De Laurentiis and Spalletti study plans for the future, a new Naples could be born from a dinner in the heart of the city.

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