Ermotti prepares employees for cuts: “difficult decisions”

Ermotti prepares employees for cuts: “difficult decisions”

Italy13 hoursMichelle Hunziker, From Joy to Her Nephew to Frost with Trussardi

Mendrisio2 daysThere were human bones in the warehouse, too

worldDay 1Among the richest people in the world are also 41 Swiss: three of them are in Ticino

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Poschiavo (GR)Day 1Bridge collapse and four workers injured

canton3 daysAurora Ramazzotti: “That’s why I decided to give birth in Ticino”

Italy / SwitzerlandDay 1Tragedy on a journey: a 19-year-old Swiss dies on the train

Credit Suisse2 daysThe board of directors was reduced to seven members, all of whom were re-elected

ItalyDay 1Berlusconi “in intensive care” the situation is “delicate”

swiss2 daysPublic transport, ticket prices increase

cantonDay 1Get ready, they’re coming: follow the live stream on Piazza Ticino

Cantonale 2023: Live Streaming3 daysAudit completed: This is the new face of the Grand Council

swiss2 daysThey are the most dangerous, but the Swiss do not miss them

the biography2 daysThe police “shielded” the Tessin tuning club event. Organizers: “We are not criminals”

cantonDay 1In haywire traffic, patience is needed

gambarogno2 daysAn exciting rarity at the Reptile Gallery: Three pink cobra cubs are born

canton23 hoursHilarious tourists in Piazza Reforma

Zurich19 hoursThe postman got stuck in the level crossing, and the train ran over the truck

canton16 hoursDepartmental, No Reshuffle: Marina Carobiou at DECS

Italy / Switzerland12 hoursThe 19-year-old who died in a ride on the Freccia Rossa is a student at Valais High School

Swiss CupDay 1It’s all true: Lugano flies (again) to the final

Italy21 hoursBerlusconi has leukemia

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swissDay 1Those who live in these cantons have more money to spend

Italy13 hoursBerlusconi, here is the medical bulletin: “Chronic myelogenous leukemia”

CASLAN2 daysDrought warning “but the municipality wastes 200,000 liters of water”

Graysons2 daysRocks crash, 13-year-old skier dies

Italy18 hoursSilvio Berlusconi started chemotherapy

canton2 daysTicino residents are up to their necks in debt: loan applications have increased by 400% in three years

Spain 14 hoursControversy about Ana Obregón: 68-year-old mother with her stillborn son’s sperm

Germany21 hoursKilled at the age of 10, the small town of Wunsiedel was left in shock

IntragnaDay 1What a hustle and bustle in the nursing home

swiss17 hoursGarbage from Italy on trains running through the Gotthard River

HCAP extensionDay 1Cereda with the national team. Fedani and Bruchweiler reach Umbro

swiss3 daysHere is the new license

Russia2 daysVladimir Putin’s ‘paranoid’ fear of Covid

canton12 hoursWhat do you do when someone is about to choke? Life saving maneuver

canton16 hoursThe new government has taken power

Cantonals 20232 daysElection of the Grand Council, 26 draw. Here is the result of the draws

canton3 daysAmalia’s Victory: «And don’t call me a ‘vote stealer’»

cantonDay 1A prestigious assignment for Massimo Soter

JapanDay 1I stopped by Teru Sushi. They wanted to “entertain” their audience

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Cantonals 20232 daysThe Grand Council, Piero Marchesi, will leave his seat to Alain Buehler

UPS/CS9 hoursErmotti prepares employees for cuts: “difficult decisions”

cantonDay 1It won’t be a frozen Easter

Italy9 hoursRunner killed by bear? It may have been the first case in Italy

Camorino / Rivera2 daysAre you facing the wolf? Here’s what to do

GermanyDay 1A 10-year-old girl who was murdered in an orphanage and three of her peers are in custody

curious2 daysThe closure of the Sou Center in Bompiensko

AustraliaDay 1The disappearance of Cleo Smith: 13 years for the kidnapper

Locarno2 days«A prosecchino» to celebrate 104 years

swiss17 hoursFurther drop in unemployment ‘unlikely’

Raiffeisen18 hoursFinma (finally) gives the green light to Raiffeisen’s contingency plan

job market19 hoursUnemployment insurance surplus exceeds $2 billion

Germany Day 1Migros is expanding (more) in Germany

swissDay 1Finma calls for more responsibility

Digital currenciesDay 1PostFinance has signed an agreement with Sygnum

swiss2 days“The Swiss economy is resilient, the UBS/Cs measures are appropriate.”

swiss2 daysThe Red Cross cuts 1,500 jobs

United State 2 daysWikipedia written by Chat-GPT? “It’s possible”

United State 2 daysAmazon removes 6 million fake products

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