A simple trick to get rid of refrigerator odors

A simple trick to get rid of refrigerator odors

You wake up in the morning, open the fridge to grab a glass of water or milk and voila! You get a turtle shaped scent. We already know that A good refrigerator has room for almost all foods, but we don't always care about how we should store them. In the same way that we should take care of ovens, we do the same with the rest of the household appliances.

Strawberries, fish, meat or cooked food tend to create a special atmosphere in the device. Smells can blend, and even an opened drink can taste something completely different. Have you ever tasted strawberry water? Well, in addition to storing each product in its appropriate section, there are several options for preserving scents.

File…and cork!

There are products used to clean or deodorize your refrigerator, but there are also home tricks that do their job properly. There's always someone who puts one on file Split in half in two areas of the refrigerator, generating a specific citrus air freshener.

Bottle stoppers help prevent odors Pixabay

For our part, we recommend a lesser-known trick. It's about cork. We serve the typical sample of a bottle of wine. Once you drink it, don't throw away the cork. Leave it in the refrigerator. You can divide it into two pieces or place several pieces in different parts of the refrigerator or even the freezer and you will see how some of the annoying odors that usually invade this device have disappeared the next day.

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Why do unpleasant odors form in the refrigerator?

When we open the door of the refrigerator or freezer, we are often attacked by a rather unpleasant odor, more or less intense. The reasons can be many and varied. in the first place, The presence of foods that have an unpleasant smell in nature, such as: garlic, onions, and certain types of garlic cheese Like Gorgonzola.

Spoiled food, such as spoiled fruit, gives off a bad odor. The same thing happens if we store food incorrectly, without protective aluminum foil or not in airtight containers. Finally, not cleaning the refrigerator regularly Contributes to the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Mixed odors are common in refrigerators Pixabay

Once every 15 to 20 days, make a habit of emptying it completely and cleaning the interior walls and shelves with a solution of water and baking soda or water and lime. To make your life easier, do the procedure before going shopping: The refrigerator will be almost empty! Finally, remember: put the cork in the refrigerator or freezer and problems will be gone!

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