“You choose,” he says to Albiach.

“You choose,” he says to Albiach.

“Yes. Out of the Hard Rock! We'll have to face a claim to ownership. How many votes do we have for the state budget? 8? 33? They add up to 41. We need 68. So, we're not cheating at solitaire.” This is how the state president responded. Peter AragonesTo the Leader of the Commons, Jessica AlbayachThis was during the monitoring session in Parliament. The future of the budget is at stake after En Comú Podemos scored an amendment to return, focusing parliamentary debate a week before the accounts are due to be submitted to a first public vote. Aragonés made no gesture towards the commons: on the contrary, when Albiach asked him about the Hard Rock, the state president reminded him that halting the tourism and entertainment project in Villa Sica and Salò would mean losing parliamentary votes. PSC, with which it has already reached an agreement. Albiach asked: “We have to throw the budget directly into the sea because the other majority wants to cancel the project that you say is not possible in the current Catalan parliament?” The government was sticking to its position amid the countdown, hoping negotiations would bear fruit before the main vote. Aragones asked the public to focus on the content of the accounts and insisted that there was no game dedicated to Hard Rock. However, what the ECP is demanding is non-approval of the Urban Master Plan (PDU), which is awaiting the environmental report to be completed by the Climate Action Department.

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“Things are very clear: you have to choose whether we advance or retreat,” said the state president in Albič. The executive is trying to pressure municipalities to facilitate the processing of calculations for the social benefits that they will entail, they say, leaving behind the CiU cuts. But this does not seem enough for the masses, whom the government has met several times. ECP has turned Hard Rock into a symbol, while, in parallel, PSC and Barcelona en Comú are negotiating the Barcelona City Council budget, with demand on the tableThere is a cola To become part of a tripartite government also with the ERC. But for Aragones, the “mother of all eggs” in the debate is the lack of a majority in favor of stopping Hard Rock in Parliament, despite the demands of the House of Commons and the CUP.

“It's a bad idea. Firstly, because of the impact it has on the region, in terms of mental health, addiction and insecurity, but also because of excessive water consumption. Secondly, because it perpetuates a model development “From the 1980s,” Albiach said. Despite the distance between the communes and the government, it is difficult for Aragonés to reach an alternative agreement with any other group. Yesterday, UNIT had previously registered a disapproving amendment to the law accompanying the accounts, and by agreement it should also submit it to the budget law if nothing changes. The deadline to do so is Monday morning, and amendments can be withdrawn at the last minute. Head of the Gontz parliamentary bloc, Albert Pattet, was presented as an alternative, but the main condition it imposed on the government was the practical abolition of inheritance tax, which is very difficult for the ERC to accept. He told him: “If you wish, we are there, according to our country’s model, with regional balance, with lower taxes and less bureaucracy.” Aragonés stated that on 22 February they had returned to the Junts the response to their measures document and that they had accepted 70% of it. “Let's sit down and reach an agreement,” he added. CUP also submitted an amendment in its entirety. Deputy The Empordanian Sea He chided the government that the legislature's balance sheet was “sad” for independence and drought: “You cannot distinguish between the project of this government and the project of the Communist Party and the employers.”

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On the other hand, the Peace and Security Council declared its commitment to what they called the “useful policy.” After concluding a budget agreement with the government… Salvador Ella Aragones asked when they would amend the drought plan to include the changes approved by Parliament in plenary two weeks ago. According to the state president, this will happen in the coming weeks. But he warned: “These decisions cannot be implemented without a budget.” Keep counting down until next Wednesday.

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