Entrance without green passage also for opticians, pellets and wood for heating and fuel

The new dpcm comes with a list of stores that are exempt from the Basic Green Passport. In those, i.e. where the entrance to no vax is free. We learned from the technical meeting at Palazzo Chigi that the agreement on the shops accessible without a green corridor is ready. The decree-law issued on January 7, 2022, in presenting the list of activities that require passage, stipulated that some exceptions could be included in the new list, which are indispensable “to ensure that the basic and primary needs of the person are met.”

Where no traffic is required

It was possible to come to an agreement on a not very long list of purchases that would last without committing to a green card: in addition to food and health, there would also be optical stores, the purchase of pellets or wood for heating, as well as fuel. Newspaper sellers and tobacco sellers are still evaluated: we will assume that it is OK except in the open air, in kiosks or in vending machines in the case of cigarettes.

Limitations of no vax

With the entry of Decree No. January 1, 7, anyone who has not been vaccinated or cured can no longer go to the pub, cinema, theater, concert hall, go to hotels, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums, gymnasiums, or play team sports. Without the Super Green Pass – intended only for vaccinated and healed people – there is no access to museums, galleries, changing rooms, spa and wellness centers, game rooms, betting rooms and casinos.

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In the florist and in the perfume industry with basic traffic

From the first rumors to go to the florist, to buy children’s clothes, the basic green pass will be in demand in the perfume industry. So they will only have access after they have been vaccinated or cured or with a negative 48-hour viable antigen solution and a 72-hour viable antigen. Pass for all activities that are not considered “extremely necessary”.

From January 20th at the barbershop and barber with basic traffic

From January 20 to March 31, 2022, a Basic Green Card is required for clients of hairdressers and barbers. The primary passage is obtained with vaccine, Covid treatment, antigen-negative buffer valid for 48 hours, or molecular validation valid for 72 hours. Also from January 20, to enter beauty centers, customers must have a basic green card. The primary passage is obtained with the vaccine, Covid treatment, a 48-hour valid antigen swab or a 72-hour valid molecular swab.

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