Enrica Bonacorti talks about the disease on Facebook: “Open heart surgery”

Enrica Bonacorti talks about the disease on Facebook: “Open heart surgery”

Enrica Bonacorte underwent emergency open-heart surgery: “Two more months and I would have died,” she revealed in a long Facebook post. “One day, at the beginning of July, I started feeling terribly itchy all over, and my whole body turned into bright red spots, and I looked like that burned-out little girl running away from Hiroshima. I didn’t change anything in my diet or medications,” she said. To sunbathe, in short, my body was screaming that something was wrong,” says the actress and presenter, tracing the stages of the story.

“There is something wrong with the heart”

“Apparently, I had myself thoroughly examined by a doctor who found a kidney stone (which, by the way, did not cause me any pain). However, they decided to intervene, as in the end it is a normal operation, but the cardiologists, Professor Liu, Professor Saglia and Professor Giulio Speciale “With Dr. Quintarelli, they come to me the next day with a dark face to tell me that something is wrong with the heart, that a CT scan is needed, and then a coronary angiogram, through which they find that all my arteries are blocked, and after a few months I can leave.” , explains in the message.

“Benefit from my experience”

“Doctors first consider stents, but they are not enough. We need 4 bypasses, taking veins from the legs to reconstruct an alternative pathway that carries blood flow to the heart. It will be an open heart surgery, which lasted for a total of eight hours. Moral of the story: They told me I had great luck. “An accidental discovery saved my life. Above all, may you have the same luck as me! I can’t wait to see you again! Hopefully soon.”

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