Maria de Felipe’s speech during the episode

Maria de Felipe’s speech during the episode

Continue to discuss what happened during the New Year’s Eve episode announcement friendsa talent show he hosted Maria Devilipi.

Events during New Year’s Eve hosted the scene marking the final episode of the format which aired in the early afternoon of Sunday 15 January.

Amici 22, What happened on New Year’s Eve: Maria De Felipe’s speech during the episode

upon entering the studio friendsMaria de Felipe looked somewhat tense, and after greeting the audience and the teachers, she began by saying: “This is a rather special episode, let’s say so.

I am serious and I am not happy that things happened inside the school.”

Focusing the audience’s attention in the studio and at home on the benches of university students friendsExactly right? Exactly. And I’d like to let them in. So we’ve brought in Tommy Dali, Valeria, Samu, Wax, Maddalena, and NDG. You’re standing here in front of the professors – he added – you. You know very well what you did.

The professors have seen a movie and your classmates have seen it with you.”

production measures

At this point, De Filipe told the children that she had decided not to broadcast the offensive video to protect the many children watching the programme. “I decided not to broadcast it, I’ll tell you right away. I decided that for you and for the people who follow the show.

“Now I don’t want to judge you for what you did. What I can definitely tell you is that it is not a mature responsible position within this program. Especially compared to what the program is asking of you.”

The presenter then announced that the production had taken action against the six boys, and before announcing them, benches were placed in the studio for the students to sit.

The presenter then announced that the production had taken action against the six boys, and before announcing them, benches were placed in the studio for the students to sit.

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I’ll read you what’s written: “The behavior of Tommy Daly, Wax, N.D.G., Valeria, Maddalena and Samu showed a complete lack of maturity and responsibility, which could not have consequences commensurate with the events.” That’s why Production has decided that Tommy, Wax, NDG, Valeria, Maddalena, and Samu today support spot challenges adjudicated by outside judges against production-selected nominees.”

Amici 22, the pivotal faculty members in punishment after the gate of the new year

After introducing the six contenders chosen by the production, María De Filippi added: “This is what the production decided. But the fact remains that there are masters, right? So the production, despite its immediate challenge decision, repeats centralization of faculty members In the context of the school’s students, each professor can decide about his student in question if he thinks he is behaving differently from what was determined by the production by choosing RemovalAnd suspension or any other action deemed appropriate.

In particular, De Filippi speculated that Lorella Cucarini had already decided to take action against her student Valeria, which the production already knew about. However, the decision was not immediately revealed.

Zerby to Tommy after New Year’s Eve: “The video is the climax of no-nonsense behavior that’s always on edge”

In fact, the presenter chose to give the floor to Rudy Zerbe first who, after making Tommy get up and put him in the center of the studio, said: “As Maria said, we also watched the movie. The video is a very dangerous culmination of a behavior that has continued in this way since the beginning of the programme. Every moment where there was An action we take, you were involved. You prove, you showed from the start, immaturity, a little responsibility, a little attachment to all the means that the program gives you. I repeat: the video is just the epitome of a behavior that has always baffled me. I, Maria, cancel the challenge and I would like him to leave the program on immediately.

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“You expected that, right?” the announcer asked Tommy. And the boy replied, “It was one possibility. I wanted to say one thing: I thought I was in and out of a certain kind of mentality but not quite.”

Then, addressing the professor, Tommy added: “I have tried to write to you: in a returning gesture, in a certain kind of demeanour, I have taken so many steps forward since I have been here that I know where I come from, I know where I come from and I also know where I want to go.” I know I have to do it straight and I did my best to do it. I was wrong. I relapsed again and again. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry you believed in me from day one. I feel sorry for myself, first and foremost. And as you say The piece: “Ends Well”, OK? In this case, this arc didn’t end well, but I’m going to take home a lot of good things about this program. Bring home a lot of teachings, many character and musical improvements, and if it doesn’t end badly , It means it’s not over yet. So you’ll still hear about me, that’s for sure.”

Tommy Amechi leaves 22, and Zerbe is angry at the reaction of the other kids at the New Year’s Gate

Then Maria de Felipe greeted Tommy and invited him to leave the studio. Before leaving, the boy is joined by the other students participating in the New Year’s Gate. The group tearfully exchanged hugs.

Zerbi was so annoyed by the attitude of the youth that, immediately after Tommy came out, he exclaimed: “Since you are all involved, I think you should be in charge now. Instead of hugging like true friends, you should be friends with each other and avoid what will happen. So I will be a little calmer.” Because you’re also a little hypocritical when you do this – and he emphasized – loving each other also means helping each other not to shit, okay?

The decision on Samu has been postponed to next week

Immediately after that, the presenter started to challenge Samu, with a verdict Francis Bernabini. The challenge ended without issuing a final decision, which was postponed until next week. So Samo was sent home.

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On New Year’s Eve at Amici 22, Cricca takes Valeria’s place

Then the presenter let her into the studio clique Then I gave the floor to Lorella Cucarini Who announced the proposal made to Valeria.

“Maria, I’ve had a stomach ache for two days because I’m so angry, I feel so sad about what happened, Nicolo’s behavior and Valeria’s behaviour. In a special way with Valeria because what happened before last week, so Valeria wasn’t even sure she could win the jersey” Cuccarini began.

Then Maria specified: “What happened on New Year’s Eve. The episode that viewers watched live last Sunday was recorded on January 4th. What the boys did on December 31st we find out on January 6th or 5th now. However, after the recording, episode anyway.”

“In short, we only communicated a few days ago and therefore, frankly, if I had had this information before last week, I would not have asked for Valeria’s seat because this behavior, even before wearing the jersey, really gives a sign of maturity and as well as a lack of respect for the opportunity that is about. Face it,” Kokarini continued. She added, “Maria, frankly, if we probably had this information before last week — I’m not getting my hands on it — but the events of last week probably would have been different too,” corroborated by her colleagues.

At this point, Cuccarini requests that Cricca be reinstated in the race, giving him Valeria’s place. However, the production refused the teacher’s request but agreed to replace Valeria’s rival with the boy who was eliminated during the final episode. After gaining approval from all of the program’s professors, Cricca won the challenge, which was adjudicated by an outside judge.

Maddalena wins the challenge against Martina

After Valeria, it was Maddalena’s turn who faced the challenge posed by the production’s disciplinary action. The dancers were judged protector who finally decides not to let the dancer go any further.

Before Maddalena went home, the professor took the floor and repeated that with the next mistake, the girl would be eliminated without any conditions or reservations.

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