Enel’s suggestion to customers

Enel’s suggestion to customers

No legalization, but Enel has already begun to entice its customers to try it reduce consumption. How? Discounts on the bill for those who consume less. The Enel initiative is the first among energy suppliers, but it may not be the last. It is currently targeting around 9 million Duty Free customers. It is a real economic incentive (discount on the bill) for everyone who will reduce their consumption.

The initiative also has a name which is Basically. EssenzialMente is described in the message that was announced as an initiative, to save your bills and earn rewards if you consume less. There are conditions under which EssenzialMente pays this bonus and that is the price of energy. If this exceeds 400 euros per megawatt-hour, the bonus will be paid. Below this figure, it is not possible for Enel to provide economic bonuses. It is clear that even if the prices do not exceed the limit set by the tool, the initiative aims to change the behavior of customers in a more responsible way. Indeed, Enel would like to remind you that, especially in such a critical stage as the present, virtuous behavior can have positive effects. Effects that Enel wants to achieve in Economic rewardDiscount on your bill.

Thanks to the low consumption, which allows you to save approximately 50 euros on your bill, a bonus of 10-20 euros can be paid, for a total discount of about 70 euros. Also in the message announcing the EssenzialMente initiative, some rules have been proposed to save and thus be able to get the economic bonus or savings in general on the bill.

Enel’s Start to Saving on Bills: How EssenzialMente Works

It is called “EssenzialMente” and it is the initiative proposed by In the To help save millions of Duty Free users on energy bills. Enel’s proposal came through a letter to its customers. You do not have to explicitly commit to the proposal, it is enough to save energy to take advantage of the discount. Customers can in fact take advantage of a bonus of €0.10 for every kWh saved. At the moment, the months in which the bounty will be active are October, November and December.

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The economic bonus will be recognized in the second bill of 2023. The only condition for paying this bonus is that the energy price exceeds 400 euros per megawatt-hour. Below this limit, the bonus is not economically sustainable by the company.

Mainly from Enel: How much do you save on your bill

Enel’s initiative promises to return the efforts of Italians who will save electricity consumption. In the case of virtuous behavior, and thus real savings in electricity consumption at home, there will not only be bonusie a discount on the bill from 10 to 20 euros, the actual savings should also be calculated compared to the lower consumption which should be around 40-50 euros.

In the message received to customers with the information about receiving the bonus, there is also all the necessary information Saving Money tangible in the invoice. These are practical and simple tips to put in place such as unplugging the power supply from electrical sockets when not in use, defrosting the refrigerator and freezer if ice forms, regulating the environment temperature without excess and perks, when possible, of high energy class appliances.

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