Ferrari-style supercar for 30,000 euros: dream or reality?

Ferrari-style supercar for 30,000 euros: dream or reality?

Nobody ever said that you need millions to buy a supercar: the alternative is here for you, it costs less than mid-range SUVs and comes from an almost unexplored car market.

Buying a supercar is everyone’s dream Obtaining the license Let us not kid ourselves: it is a pity that so small a fraction of us consisting of the wealthiest and most fortunate individuals on the planet would ever succeed in taking home a car of this type which has very high maintenance costs, requires great skill behind the wheel and is generally not a single car. For everyone.

Then everyone’s dream turns to being able to buy a supercar at a low price, maybe even used or not quite new. What would you think if we told you that You may find one For less than €30,000 if you want to travel around the world a bit? Today’s car comes from a market it’s never heard of.

The Asian archipelago of the Philippines is a densely populated country however Certainly not famous For its connection with the supercars that President Duarte used to destroy in the event of customs problems with imports. However, the first brand of supercars for the “poor” comes precisely from the eastern country, making high-performance cars an affordable dream.

Philippine Ferrari

In the Philippines home Aurelius Very little is known: the brand’s project aimed at creating high-performance cars by lowering prices was born in 2016 when the country was going through a very special phase of its history, it invested financing in the automotive sector. Usually, we start with small cars, in this case the first relevant domestic brand decided to aim high.

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Can we trust Aurelio or not? (YouTube) –

Brand cars including the new supercar Aurelius Alpha It is somewhat reminiscent of a McLaren but also a Ferrari cheap: that’s because it’s produced almost entirely locally with components sourced on site. Add to this a very positive exchange between the Philippine pesos and the major currencies of the world and the game is done.

Only the engine is – from what we know – not the domestic sack of flour: the car shown here actually sports a 450-horsepower Mitsubishi engine capable of pushing it to over 300 kilometers per hour, the unquestionable minimum for a self-respecting supercar. Taking into account the exchange rate, the car costs around €30,000 but it can only be purchased in the Philippines and its actual capabilities on the track remain a mystery.

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