June 9, 2023

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Ukraine, Nate: Confidential US-NATO papers published on social networks – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Top secret documents from the United States and NATO were published on social media this week regarding plans to strengthen the Ukrainian army in light of an offensive against Russia. This was revealed by the New York Times, citing sources from the US administration.

The Pentagon has opened an investigation into the leak on Twitter and Telegram, the last platform that has more than half a billion users and is available in Russia. According to the sources, the published documents have been modified in some parts from their original format. According to military analysts, the maps have been modified in some parts from the original version by increasing US estimates of Ukrainian war dead and downward revisions of Russian casualties. Which suggests that the leak is an attempt by Moscow to disinform the media. The fact is that this is a very big damage to the intelligence of the United States and NATO. Indeed, the published documents detailed the following deliveries of weapons, strategic plans, and the status of troops and battalions. (handle).

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