It can be worth up to 1500 euros

It can be worth up to 1500 euros

Not all currencies are the same, some are worth more than others. Let’s get acquainted together with the rarest €2.

Coins are not all the same

Obviously, they look like simple coins, on the other hand, the euro is now a symbol of the European Union. Being particularly modern, there are still quite a few coins rare pastures; However, some of them can be worth around 1500 euros! Among the classics 2 euro, there is something called commemorative coins And they are precisely the people that big enthusiasts should look out for. So this is the rarest 2 euro coin in circulation!

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2 euros – here are the rarest coins

Rare coins - that's what they deserve
Rare coins – that’s what they deserve

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The commemorative coins It is produced in limited numbers And put it up for circulation on the occasion of a certain historical moment. Since its production is so insignificant, it becomes rare over time, especially because it is widespread throughout the European territory. Thus, when you find a simple 2 euro coin in your hands, take a closer look at it, because You can have the beauty of 1500 euros in the palm of your hand.

the first commemorative coin It is minted on the continent 2004 Olympics. It is recognized because on the back it depicts a discus thrower with the five Olympic circles; However, its value is only 2.30 euros. When leveling up a bit, we can talk about the minted coin in it Finland Marking the expansion of the union to 10 states. This last one is correct 50 euros!

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We’re getting closer, a Vatican CityThere are two 2 euro coins that can be worth From 200 to 250 eurosAn instrument on the occasion of the 20th World Youth Day and in honor of the Swiss Vatican Guard.

Finally, we came up with one of the coins that is worth more than anything: the one with the face of the Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly – which – which worth 1500 EUR. So pay close attention to the coins you have, like Some of them hide an unexpected treasure.

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