Fabrizio Corona on Rai TV talks about the issue of betting on Fagioli, Tonali and Zignolo – Corriere.it

Fabrizio Corona on Rai TV talks about the issue of betting on Fagioli, Tonali and Zignolo – Corriere.it

Fabrizio Corona arrives at the Rai3 studios on timeGuest Nunzia Di Girolamo at 10.43pm Tuesday. The England-Italy match has just finished, and as he himself predicted, he is ready to name other players taking part in the bets. Di Girolamo immediately presses him about ties to the prosecutor’s office. Fabrizio looks directly into the camera and says: “I’m not a scoundrel at all. I’m not on the good side. It revealed an investigation that you cannot even imagine what is behind it.” There is a film broadcast after 10 minutes: Corona speaks to his source, who tells him: “Faggioli was already playing in Cremonese, I played with him. Betting on everything, football and other sports. Legal. And illegal.” Returning to the extended tour in Piacenza, a source reveals: “His mother has blocked his account.” Fabrizio is a TV animal, he builds suspense – as is his style – and has something for everyone. He picks up Zaniolo, the only one to deny the bet. “His lawyer knew about it.” He adds: “Through Fagioli’s conversations, there are contacts with the other two, Zaniolo and Tonali. Fagioli and Tonali play in 2011 in Piacenza. They cross paths. Then show another video. “My nephew played for Inter, then he tore a ligament and did not play. My nephew is a friend of Zaniolo, he gave him his credit card and his PIN and he plays with his money.”

Controversy with Spalletti

The film features Spalletti, who insinuates, without mentioning his name, that he is a “jackal” close to the players. “I respect Spalletti and I know him – Corona adds – but he must know that the Italy shirt has value. Those who wear it are lucky men and should be respected. What are you doing, Spalletti? Are you angry with me? Are you accusing me of profiteering? The prosecutor’s office charged, then. Who came to Coverciano after 30 years because she respects the law. Dear Spalletti, you should apologize, you should feel ashamed. Tonali and Zaniolo have pleaded guilty. “Screaming: ‘We are Italy, but this is not true.'”

Di Girolamo shows him the sign given to him by the Juventus stadium (“Corona di li…”) and reminds him of his accusations against Juventus (“Juventus knew”); He thus answers: “Conducting this investigation creates a lot of problems for me, and I cannot remind you what is in the curve of Italy. But if I have to die, I’d rather die this way. At least I should be a historical figure. You don’t understand that I’m crazy. Juventus didn’t let him play in August because they knew, I broke the news and no one took it into consideration. It took Juventus two weeks before reporting it. Fagioli had been at Juventus for six years and people headed to Vinovo’s doors to meet him. Fagioli has been betting everything since he was a boy, the only one truly sick, and has taken out a million euros in debt in three months. Then the betting round in Piacenza: “The mother blocked his account and now she manages it.”

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