The agreement with the European Union: “an absolute necessity”

The agreement with the European Union: “an absolute necessity”

The Prime Minister stresses the importance of ensuring health, education and public housing

In 2024, the government faces the major challenge of gaining support in a referendum on the association agreement negotiated with the European Union. It is a task that requires fighting ignorance and fear of the unknown, and this will be achieved with many teaching principles. He added: “What we must convey to the citizens is that the matter is not a whim, nor an imposition on anyone. It is an absolute necessity,” defending the Prime Minister. It is an essential element for diversifying the economy and ensuring future economic growth, and thus public resources to support social protection or public investment, from

  • No. 37 I don't have a positive view on going to the European Union
    (01/09/24 10:02)

  • No. 36 by
    (01/09/24 09:58)

  • No. 35 Kara? The important thing is that it works. Newer is not better
    (01/09/24 09:51)

  • No. 34 Yes to the European Union
    (01/09/24 09:50)

  • No. 33 Andorra
    (01/09/24 09:47)

  • No. 32 Alexandra
    (01/09/24 09:47)

  • No. 31 Complaints
    (01/09/24 09:46)

  • No. 30 Out of place
    (01/09/24 09:44)

  • No. 29 And
    (01/09/24 09:43)

  • No. 28 EU agreement = a smokescreen to hide mistakes
    (01/09/24 09:37)

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