Elon Musk talks about his role | According to him, Twitter will become the number one app

Elon Musk talks about his role |  According to him, Twitter will become the number one app

“I think I have a plan that will get over 1 billion Twitter users per month in the next 12-18 months,” Musk said on his blueprint, responding to a tweet from Jordan Peterson.

Call it blind optimism, a distortion of reality, or pure faith, but Elon Musk is almost certain: Its social platform will have 1 billion monthly users in the next 18 months.

Twitter is increasingly ambitious

The world’s richest man released several slides over the weekend, also featured in his recent speeches to the company, in which he showed that the number of new subscribers, registered as of November 16, had reached 2 million daily users, up 66% over the past year. Moreover, he stated that Twitter recently had 8 billion daily active users, an increase of 30%.

During the second quarter, the blue bird appears to have amassed as many as 238 million users, prompting Musk to find new strategies to attract more. Many are wondering if the plans of the eccentric businessman will include restoring suspended accountsAlthough he announced earlier that before starting this very delicate process he would wait for the formation of the Council of Temperance.

The blue bird is in danger of falling

We remember that Twitter, a few weeks ago, It reported a loss of $4 million per day, due to ads being suspended by some of the big advertisers, afraid of the mysterious path that Musk took. These include a number of global automakers and brands, such as Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Hugo Boss, and others.

The Financial Times writes that, according to several advertising agencies and media buyers, Many of the major brands they represent have decided to suspend advertising on Twitter Precisely because of Musk’s approach, particularly with regard to content moderation and the decision to fire part of the team used to sell ads.

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Advertising vs Musk

In response to the dire situation, it seems that Musk has even gone so far as to personally invite the CEOs of some very large brands to reprimand them about the current advertising policy. against Twitter.

However, we repeat, some advertisers have reported that they are struggling to engage with Twitter, especially after a job outage, and cannot get enough positive feedback from previous ad campaigns. What will be the future of the blue bird? It’s hard to say, but it sure is The question becomes more and more frequent with increasingly gray prospects.

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