The Three Words of the Watch for

The Three Words of the Watch for

Article by Danilo D’Aleo that appeared in the January 2023 issue of Forbes Italia. Participate!

Built on the principles of a unified corporate culture, on which sports and health are based, a talented team of professionals and a forward-looking vision, today SportScience.comFrom the idea, experience and support of the Ats Institute, active in vocational training in the scientific field of sport and health, and aims to make a strong educational impact. With a team of more than 100 professionals, it aims to ensure that the best professionals have access to endless contents to excel in their work, in a highly competitive market, and give them the opportunity to join a network of specialists and create a successful career.

Created by Entrepreneur and Publisher Giacomo Catalani, the former founder of Ats, is aimed at kinesiologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physical trainers, personal trainers, psychologists, orthopedists, sports physicians, match analysts, biomechanics and many other professional figures working in health and sports. Hence the need to accelerate the transfer of modern and reliable scientific skills, with the contribution of the best specialists, to transform sports science from an idea into reality, and to develop a unified database that now includes more than 100,000 registered users and 80,000 qualified professionals. “The platform allows you to explore vertical contents on different categories of interests and other complementary categories, especially useful in the workplace,” Catalani highlights. “An experience that allows you to accelerate the process of growth, modernization and connection with the best.”

but this is not all. Besides the educational offering for professional certifications, diplomas, and masters, the Premium Sports Science membership provides access to booked events, round tables, summits, thousands of hours of video content, and anatomical study through the 3D Virtual Human Anatomy platform. Without forgetting the International Registry of Sport Sciences, the most authoritative registry in the world dedicated to professionals in human kinesiology for health and sport, capable of linking specialists to clients and other professional bodies.

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And if technology is an essential element of sports science, since all its content is also accessible via the application, which is available for both iOS and Android, the platform is trying to expand its assimilation process, which has already started starting from 2020, in line with a deep digital transformation. current. “We are thrilled to have launched this important revolution starting in Italy.” And if in the short term Catalani concludes, “we aim to publish content in English, let’s not forget to look ahead with foresight, transform innovation into building the future and involve the best professionals in its realization”.

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