Brembo, Bombasi passes the baton to Terrabushi

Alberto Bombasi will step down as President of the Brembo Group to take up the position of Honorary Chairman. This was issued by the company’s board of directors meeting held on Tuesday, November 16th. The change will occur after an extraordinary meeting called for December 17 which will amend the articles of association. On this occasion, a proposal to amend the articles of association by introducing the role of the honorary president and providing for the possibility of the Board of Directors to form a strategic steering committee with advisory and advisory functions will be presented to the Board of Directors. Shareholders in an extraordinary session. Comment on the strategic guidelines and actions aimed at developing the Brembo Group.

In the event that the proposed amendment to the articles of association is approved, a meeting of shareholders shall be called, in ordinary session, to appoint the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, following Alberto Bombay’s decision to relinquish this position and the role of Managing Director with effect from the date of the meeting. In this regard, the Board of Directors submits a proposal to the Shareholders’ Meeting to appoint the current Executive Vice President, Matteo Terabushi, to whom the subsequent Board of Directors will grant the relevant executive powers. The CEO will be Daniel Schillaci.

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