Chrysler loses control: the accident is scary (video)

Chrysler loses control: the accident is scary (video)

Unbelievable what happened on the streets of Oakland, California. At the wheel of a powerful Chrysler 300C, the driver went too far in the drift.

It could have ended in tragedy, but fortunately there were no physical consequences for the heroes of this story. This is not the first time we have had to educate motorists who overuse fuel, and overestimate their driving skills. This time we are in the US because of a Chrysler 300C crash. The car is known for its toughness, highlighted by a massive retro line. Chrysler launched the car in 2004, taking the name and acronym from the 300 series that have been in production since 1955.

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The American home has staked everything on big displacement engines and a typical old school font. The platform is modeled after some Mercedes cars, given the DaimlerChrysler Alliance. The automatic transmission available in the first series was the NAG 5G-Tronic W5A580 from Mercedes or, optional, there was the classic gearbox produced by Chrysler 42RLE Ultradrive. All-wheel drive versions also adopted the 4Matic system of Mercedes origin. The very heavy vehicle was powered by very powerful engines, such as a 2.7-liter V6 from the Chrysler LH family (EER), a 3.5-liter V6 and two 5.7-liter and 6.1-liter Hemi V8s for the tip. The only diesel engine was a 3.0-liter V6.

The Mercedes-Benz V6 Common Rail OM642 diesel engine was only available in Europe and Australia. With a power of 218 horsepower, it moved at a top speed of 230 km / h. In just 7.6 seconds the car reached 100 km / h. Don’t pay for the uneven power of a V6, top Chrysler has also released a 5.7 V8 and 340 CC engine. Thanks to Hemi technology, the car exceeded 250 km / h, and took 6.4 seconds to reach 100 km / h. Finally, there was also the brutal 431 hp 6.1 SRT V8 at 270 km/h.

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The second generation was launched in the market in 2011 after the agreement with the FCA. The LX’s floor was still the same as in the previous series, but the car featured a new raised-wishbone-style suspension and a five-link multi-link rear axle. The gearbox was updated with a ZF 8HP45 eight-speed sequential automatic transmission and a more efficient all-wheel drive than the previous system. Engines updated with the introduction of the new 3.6 V6 Pentastar. In Europe, with the exception of the UK, the 300C was sold as the Lancia Thema. However, in the UK, it was marketed as Chrysler until 2015 when demand dropped dramatically.

Chrysler 300C crash

The car was a huge success in the United States. It is a cult car of its kind, thanks to its high customization and luxurious interior design. The car was refreshed by restyling in 2014, and was first shown at the Detroit Auto Show. The front has been redesigned with a new bumper and larger grille. The look remains the same, but with more noticeable elements. The interior has been updated with a new automatic gearbox circular knob instead of the traditional lever on the tunnel as well as new graphics for the UConnect multimedia system. Take a look at the horrific McLaren 720S crash: the stunning video of the crash.

The SRT version was revived only in some markets, while in the US they preferred not to compete with the Dodge that featured the same engine. The 300 Cs is usually upgraded with side skirts and other elements that highlight the sedan’s sporty spirit. Although the size of the car should call for a precise guide, the protagonist of this story has lost control of the car, he thinks of drifting as if he had a light, easy-to-use car on his hands. The 300 C can do its best on long trips and on the straight road, but cornering results aren’t exactly the results of a sports car. In Oakland, California, performing in a public area could have serious consequences.

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The road is not prepared for viewing, but despite this, the driver tried to make a presentation with maneuvers to the maximum. From fun to tragedy, the step is always short, as you’ll see in the video below. Today’s “improvised stuntman” launched a fast drift, and ends up losing control of the car and turn it off against a lamp post. The scene was filmed by some onlookers and suggested by the Instagram profile Idiotsgettinghurt. Idiots who get hurt, but who also risk hurting others. Fortunately, no injuries were recorded, but purely by chance. Watch the horrific accident on the highway: He does not see the police and puts them in the center (video).

At that point, innocent young people would have gathered together who wanted to watch and record the scene. Fortunately, there were no pedestrians next to the shaft and the people in the car did not suffer any physical consequences. The car proved to be very powerful and the airbags started working. In the last few seconds of the video, the diffuse airbags appear. The collapse could have had devastating effects, given the sudden slowdown and violent impact on the pole. In these unauthorized events, sometimes, people go home by ambulance or it can lead to fatal tragedies. The meaning of these offerings appears to put the health of the persons concerned at risk.

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