Thus, Morocco, the United States of America and Italy face the threat of nuclear terrorism

Thus, Morocco, the United States of America and Italy face the threat of nuclear terrorism

Morocco, the United States and Italy conducted the Mediterranean (Med) Trident exercise in Rome, a three-day multilateral activity aimed at strengthening regional cooperation related to the fight against terrorism conducted with the use of radiological and nuclear devices in the Mediterranean region

A capacity-building exercise in nuclear forensics, hosted and jointly organized by Italy with Morocco, the United States, the United Nations and the European Union. This is the theme of the Mediterranean (Med) Trident exercise, a three-day event that saw experts from more than twenty countries gather in Rome, conducted in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (Unoct), the United Nations Office of Drug Control. and Crime (Unodc). An initiative that was part of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT).

the exercise

The exercise helped develop an understanding of the applicability of international legal frameworks for acts of radiological/nuclear terrorism (R/N), in particular the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (Icsant). R/N terrorism experts worked together to exchange experiences and information, build relationships, and encourage implementation of national legal frameworks to make the world safer and to eliminate R/N terrorism. In particular, the activity helped demonstrate best practices and contributed to strengthening regional cooperation regarding radiological and nuclear detection. At seaports, at crime scenes and coordinating subsequent nuclear criminal investigations.

danger to the mediterranean sea

The event was also important for updating the analytical network of the Mediterranean security context in the fight against nuclear terrorism, highlighting the importance of taking into account the intervention of foreign powers in the region, which operate through third parties. Attention was also drawn to the links that often unite terrorist groups with organized crime networks, and the dangers posed by the actions of these groups that increase the threat of nuclear terrorism in the Mediterranean, given its position as a strategic corridor of international trade. .

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Cooperation between the United States of America, Italy and Morocco

In this context, Italy and Morocco have traditionally been very close partners of the United States in counterterrorism cooperation, working closely together to protect their national interests and those of the broader international community. The three countries, along with Niger, among others, chair the working group on Africa of the Global Coalition against ISIS.

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