Was Ilari Blasey humiliated by Noemi Bocchi? Photo: Unprecedented Case

Was Ilari Blasey humiliated by Noemi Bocchi?  Photo: Unprecedented Case

A new, exciting, fiery chapter in Bean’s diatribe Ilary BlaseyAnd Francesco Totti And Naomi Bocchi. In this case, transversal messages are exchanged specifically between the Mediaset presenter, the new flame of Pupone, and the former captain of Rome.

The point is, Blassie posted a picture of herself on Instagram Some marshmallows Close up: a story, from Milan where Blassie is these days for meetings and shooting in view of the beginning of the next issue ofFamous Islandthe first episode is scheduled to be held on Channel 5 on April 17th.

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Well, the point is that Exactly 1 hour after this postNoemi Bocchi also shared a photo on social media in which marshmallows, that is, the famous sugar candies in a cylindrical shape, are seen.

Obviously, social networks have gone crazy: Noemi Bocchi responded to Ilary Blasi? Did he take her for a ride? What’s behind it? Is it simply their children’s favorite medium? A deep mystery, but the suspicion that Bocchi had some kind of answer is not strange at all.

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