Moonscars arrives at D1 on Microsoft service, here is the date and all platforms –

Moonscars arrives at D1 on Microsoft service, here is the date and all platforms –

With a new trailer, you can see above, the authors the moon Confirmed that the Soulslike / metroidvania action game will be released since then D1 on Xbox Game Pass. Release date is September 27 2022 The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

the moon It is a game with a dark, unsaturated graphic style with some colors in strong contrast, such as red and yellow. The game is published by Humble Bundle and will offer a mixture of platforming, combat and non-linear exploration, with different types of attacks and abilities that will be customized for our character.

a Moonscars demo It was released on Steam during the Next Fest event, but is no longer available

the moon

However, we’ve brought you a tried-and-tested demo, in which we explain: “Moonscars is undoubtedly a promising title that blends soul mechanics and metroidvania in a way that’s perhaps not very original but certainly qualified, showing us” a setting that seems to contain what you say. Solid in battles and with so many aspects yet to be revealed, the action platformer from Black Mermaid envelops you in its atmosphere right from the start, and the short demo definitely leaves you wanting to go back to playing Gray Irma to help him find the answers he’s looking for.”

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