China criticizes the G7 and attacks the United States over Taiwan, “playing with fire” – the world

China criticizes the G7 and attacks the United States over Taiwan, “playing with fire” – the world

A harsh attack from China on the G7 and a severe threat to the United States: “By selling American weapons to Taiwan, we are playing with fire”. Describing the final joint statement as “full of arrogant prejudice and evil intentions against China and containing China,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Beijing “expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to this, and makes strong complaints to Japan, which hosted the meeting,” Wang added at the daily briefing. “.

Beijing should also criticize the United States. China is “deeply dissatisfied and firmly opposed” to the US selling 400 Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Taiwan to discourage Chinese forces from invading it. “Facts have shown that the current situation in the Taiwan Strait is facing a new round of tension, and the main reason is that the Taiwanese authorities have repeatedly tried to rely on the United States for independence,” while some people in the United States intend to “use Taiwan to contain China,” Wang said, noting to that “playing with fire is very dangerous.”

At the end of the meeting, the G7 foreign ministers put pen to paper on the countries that provide assistance to the GCC countries Russia They will pay a “high price” for the war in Ukraine. The senior diplomats meeting in Japan also announced in the closing statement their intention to strengthen the implementation of the sanctions that have already been imposed against Russia and to consider Moscow’s declaration of its intention to send nuclear weapons to Belarus as “unacceptable”.

In addition, foreign ministers urged north korea “Refrain” from any further nuclear tests or ballistic missile launches or face a “strong” response. Come here Taiwan Diplomats from the G7 insist there is no change in basic positions, including the stated ‘One China’ policies, but they oppose Beijing’s ‘militarization activities’ in the South China Sea.

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The Group of Seven also called for an “immediate” end to the fighting in Russia SudanClashes between the regular army and paramilitary forces have killed nearly 200 people since last Saturday. “We urge all parties to immediately end violence, de-escalate tensions and restore civilian rule in Sudan,” diplomats from major industrialized countries said at the end of two days of talks in Japan.

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