What happens when a star explodes

What happens when a star explodes

Space is a very vast place, but no matter how far away an exploding star is, it can pose a threat even thousands and thousands of kilometers away.

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In some cases, science fiction films have reported what would happen if a star exploded near our planet Or even more catastrophically, if the star around which our solar system was built explodes. the consequences An explosion with such a mass of energy is massive and a team of scientists has finally calculated what we might call the radius He falls starburst

The numbers, as you can easily guess, are colossal. The study, which was recently published in The Astrophysical Journal, was inspired by eruptions Supernova Which thanks to telescopes technology can be seen and examined easily by experts. The conclusions of the expert group were divided between: University of Illinois, University of Kansas, and Washburn University Speaking of a danger that could also affect Earth, although eventually a starburst will occur More than 100 light years away from our solar system. But what are the consequences?

When a devastating X-ray star explodes

At the beginning of the study published on Astrophysical Journal We read that so far studies associated with supernova explosions have focused mainly on possible negative effects on the Earth’s environment.and similar environments“You’ll take a special look at the weather damage associated with the arrival photons ionizer and gods cosmic rays. The former usually arrive days or months later, while for the latter the journey can be much longer, even thousands of years after the eruption.

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The study is titled X-ray luminous supernovae: Threats to terrestrial biomes Instead, it focuses precisely on the X-ray emissions created when supernovae interact.”With a dense graded textureThese emissions are produced radiation ionizer Thus, traveling too long distances can also have consequences in the atmosphere floor in the event of an explosion within a radius About 160 light years away.

The atmosphere is changing

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there A shower of ionizing radiationThis is one of the conclusions that the study experts have come to the changes radical inThe chemistry of the planet’s atmosphereIn particular, if an Earth-like planet or the Earth itself were hit, the shower of ionizing radiation would wipe out much of the planet Ozone Layer. This ozone depletion then impact on quantity rays ultraviolet that will reach from the sun to the surface of the earth, which will most likely lead to the disappearance of various species with a greater risk and, paradoxically, that Marine organisms.

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