Gasoline, don’t make it happen: If you go to these distributors, you save

Gasoline, don’t make it happen: If you go to these distributors, you save

Our research showed us what are the cheapest distributors in Italy, which motorists love, because of the high prices.

Cheap petrol stations –

there Gas and the diesel They are traveling 2 euros per litereven if Government executed Cut production fee. This has led to people owning Look around youand go to Find the cheapest distributors. there hopefull That’s what fuel returns More regular pricesbut for now There does not seem to beOne The light at the bottom of the tunnel. Other consumption And so put a classificationsubordinate petrol pump operatorswhich – which agree More artificial intelligence savers. Let’s take a closer look at Searchme too The most suitable distributors for usto our portfolio.

Gasoline pump
The search shows us the cheapest distributors in Italy –

How did the search end?

investigating in Other consumption Want to tell us about more petrol and diesel stations Cheap In this 2022. The a period For example, it starts from March 29, 2021to me April 12 2022. The data Taken from .’s websiteThe Price and Tariff Monitor of the Ministry of Economic Development. How does this work Observatory? Good It always updates its databecause he receives every day Information give her fuel distribution companies. Other consumption Check prices In the distributors found in urban centers and in Roads outside the cities.

Gasoline at the distributor
The search took many managers scattered across the country –

survey took me data on me fuel dispensers which has A thousand plants on Italian soilwhich are found at least in 100 counties. In addition to urban and suburban areaswe have also tried to reply to Best rates on the highway. Here were taken those managers, who have at least 40 distributors in eleven regions. Once we know how Searchwe can move to ResultsAnd discover what suits us best.

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research results

L ‘index 100 chosen by Other consumptionshows us what The distributor that suits usclearly If the index goes up, the fit decreasesfor example 105 Which proves, I lower interest rates. In urban centers and outside cities, the The best gas station is Tamoil with 100 pointsbehind her there He. She And the Q 8 to me 101. In the diesel distributors The The platform is the sameShows how If you are in town Think of distributors Tamuel.

Tamoil distributor
Petrol stations in Tamuil seem to be the most profitable –

On the highway networkfind how Best gas station resident Tamuelbut surrounded by 100 points From Q 8 And the Sarni oil. Behind this trio there Api Ip And the He. She with 101. The Best place to make diesel On the highway Sarni oil with 100 points. Behind there are three of the same kind TamuelAnd the Q 8 And the He. She to me 101 points. that’s it cheaper distributorsthe ones over there agree The majority. It definitely seems to be showing up Tamuelwhich is always a file Platform for him special prices.

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