€200 petrol bonus Here’s how it works and how to get a 2022 fuel voucher

€200 petrol bonus Here’s how it works and how to get a 2022 fuel voucher

Cut gasoline and diesel by about 25 cents per liter for 30 days, controlled bills for 5.2 million households with an ISEE of less than 12 thousand euros (previously 4 million) and the possibility for companies to pay installments for consumption in May and June for a maximum of 24 months. Mario Draghi launches the “price cutter” and puts another 4.4 billion in the field in exchange for exorbitant energy and skyrocketing pump costs.

Gasoline bonus

to me 2022the amount of value Gasoline coupons Transferred free of charge by private companies to employees, within limits 200 euros per worker, which does not contribute to the formation of income. That is, it will be tax-free. There are no minimum income requirements or limits to access this feature. The only limitation that the law has foreseen so far is that the measure is reserved for employees of private companies. It was already envisaged that Pototissier companies would give a contribution of up to 258.23 euros per year for so-called “extra benefits”: ie shopping vouchers, fuel vouchers or shopping vouchers. In 2020 and 2021, during the pandemic, the amount was doubled to €516.46 as a measure of economic support.

“The fees derived from this article – as indicated in the decree – in the amount of 9.9 million euros for the year 2022 and 0.9 million euros for the year 2023 are provided under Article 38.”

Employee Fuel Bonus 2022, How It Works

The revenue agency determines that No application required. If the bonus is provided by the company, the bonus will be awarded to the employee automatically.

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Moreover, there are no requirements in terms of income limits to be able to access it. The €200 bonus can be issued in two different ways:

  • * How do marginal benefitsthe so-called “compensation in kind”, hoping to get €200 in petrol vouchers out of the €258.23 maximum allocated for other benefits.
  • * With one or more fuel coupons;

Thus, the 2022 fuel bonus is a metric related to the 2022 tax period the The deadline given to the participating company to distribute the rewards is January 12, 2023.

Is a fuel voucher required?

No. The company will decide whether and to what extent to provide it to employees. So no application is expected.

In contrast to the increase in fuel prices

Reducing the price of fuel, gasoline and diesel by 25 cents, by reducing tax charges until the end of April. The cost of this measure is funded by a 10% tax on the energy companies’ extra profits.

Fuel vouchers of up to 200 euros for private sector employees. The rules are in a circular from the agency

The instructions are ready for employers in the private sector who intend to provide their employees with petrol vouchers provided to contain the economic impacts resulting from the increase in fuel prices (Legislative Decree No. 21/2022). Bonuses, which can only be paid in 2022 and up to a maximum of 200 euros per worker, are not taxed on employees and are fully deducted from work income. there circular no. 27 / eSigned by the Director of the Revenue Agency, it specifies employers and affected workers of benefits, methods of disbursement, and rules to be followed if recognized as a performance bonus.

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audience of beneficiaries

By law, private employers have access to benefits. In this regard, the practice document shows that people who do not carry on business and are self-employed also fall within the scope of application, provided that they have their own employees. On the other hand, public administrations are excluded from subsidies. As for the category of workers who receive petrol vouchers, it is necessary that they be income earners from work. Given that the provision aims to compensate employees of private sector employers for higher costs incurred following the increase in fuel price, the employer can pay the vouchers immediately, without the need for prior contractual agreements.

Rules for redeeming bonuses

Gasoline vouchers are payments made by private employers to their employees to refuel vehicles (such as gasoline, diesel, LPG, and methane). At this point, the circular specifies that the provision of vouchers (or similar addresses) to recharge electric vehicles is also worth facilitating. The petroleum bonus of 200 euros does not contribute to the formation of the income of the employees and represents an additional relief in relation to the general sum already provided for in Art. 51 of the twerk; Therefore it must be calculated separately from other benefits. It follows that in order to benefit from the tax exemption, goods and services provided in the 2022 tax period by the employer for each employee can amount to a value of €200 for one or more fuel vouchers and a value of €258.23 for all other goods and services (including any vouchers additional fuel). Petrol slips may also be issued for salary purposes. In this hypothesis, the disbursement must be made in the current year and in the “execution of company or regional contracts”, in accordance with the regulations established, for performance bonuses, under Article 1, paragraphs 182 to 190, of the Law of December 28, 2015, no. 208.

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