Dybala: We did not agree with Allegri and Mourinho…

Dybala: We did not agree with Allegri and Mourinho…

Paolo and the comparison between his last two technicians: “Similar in some things, in other things it is not. But this is not controversial, Max is the one I learned the most from them.

Elegant but resolute, Paulo Dybala talks after Roma – Betis about his relationship with Max Allegri: “I think he and Mo are very similar in some things and not in others. But with Mourinho, we talk a lot, and we have more dialogue than I had with Allegri. In many Sometimes we didn’t agree with him on many things, but we both thought in the interest of Juventus. It’s not controversial, I don’t want that to happen, because Allegri is one of the coaches who gave me the most.”

Early Roman months

And Mourinho gives him a lot, just as he gives a lot to Roma, even on such a bitter evening: “They welcomed me very well on and off the pitch – explains Dybala -. It’s been a long time since I retired. I have continuity on the field and this gives me confidence.” That’s why Roma relies on his talent and leadership: “We weren’t good at following up on the pressure the coach asked for. Looking at the opportunities, however, we’re very sorry we lost,” Dybala analyzed after the defeat to Betis.

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