Live from De Laurentiis Napoli President's press conference LIVE

Live from De Laurentiis Napoli President's press conference LIVE


Break with Spalletti

On my return to Spalletti, after April 18, I explained to him that I would stay with him to boost morale. You have legally sent the exercise of the option via approved email for the upcoming season. I would never have believed that the dinner on May 12 brought up the idea of ​​taking a break. We are not in a hall game, when you are looking for a new coach you have to understand his will. I wanted to find a way to keep my spaciality legally and amicably. I had a suspicion that Gravina had called him. My mistake, and I blame myself, was imposing my exercise of the option. Then there would have been a reason, perhaps many, but I should have kept my grip firm. It seemed like he wanted to leave, Kim knew he was leaving, and he came here with a choice for that reason. Moreover, this year's Champions League is different from last season“.


De Laurentiis and the rulers

De Laurentiis' rebuild continues: “At the Bearzot Awards ceremony in the Maschio Angioino on March 24, I say that Spalletti will stay with us, and he does not deny it, after the 4-0 win against Milan, on April 18, and then there are Napoli and Milan 1-1 in Champions League. League, with the misfortune of missing a penalty kick. Rulers? I consider myself free and believe that I am wealthy, not only financially, but also able to finance with my money the new sports center with 12 changes on an area of ​​30 hectares, which we will build in the next 24 months. But I am a free man, and I do not care about rulers. Then there will come a time when everyone will have to think differently. When I met Florentino Pérez at Alicante, I told him he had the advantage of being fired into the Premier League. When you think like a monopoly, you are anti-democratic. Peres received the solution to all problems from the European Court, and a competition is being studied starting from 5 billion revenues and reaching 100 billion revenues.“.

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Elimination from the Champions League

In his second year, Spalletti decided to live and sleep in Castel Volturno. You'll see him confessed in the film I'm finishing editing. Movies that I have to decide whether to show in theaters or even at the stadium. At a certain point, this bread dough doesn't rise as it should, but there are a lot of points ahead… I feel bad about leaving the Champions League, which I expected to be able to win. If Inter, who were 20 points behind us, had come close… If we had won the Champions League they would have rejected me for the €100 million Club World Cup.“.


Cleaned by ADL

By June 30, I had the right to exercise the option in writing in the required manner. What happened? Last season in November and December we were at a resort in Turkey for a World Cup holiday, had a fantastic January and February, and then left as of March. Kafara was the big star, but then he dropped off a lot from March to November. Last summer, I purged people who were not working for the community, even if they were excellent professionals“.


De Laurentiis begins to speak

Here's De Laurentiis:I have to consider Naples Kindergarten a lovely family. After winning the league, I cannot cultivate a culture of doubt because it is harmful to the liver and mind. It's not always possible to say or act on some things as soon as they happen because you think they can be solved. I am dying and there is no cure. I gave Spalletti a good contract, I gave him the same contract as Benitez, and then I exercised the option, which is not a binary truth, but a unilateral truth that has value. With both expect an extra year for another season. I entered within the pre-determined deadline and had the right to exercise it by written communication in a legal and due manner and with pure legal execution.“.

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Naples moment

After winning the Scudetto last May, Napoli currently ranks seventh in the standings after 22 matches played, 22 points behind Inter, who is in first place in the standings. Mazzarri's team exited badly from the Italian Cup and is expected to play in the Champions League round of 16 against Barcelona.


The issues on the table

It is possible that De Laurentiis will return to talking about choosing Rudi Garcia as coach of the Italian champion after Spalletti’s farewell and the dismissal of the Frenchman, who was replaced by Mazzarri last November. Also among the possible topics are the future of Osimhen, who is set to leave Napoli in June, and the issue of Zielinski, who is at risk of being sidelined as his contract expires, and the January transfer window.


11:30 Words by De Laurentiis

De Laurentiis' press conference will begin at 11:30 from Konami's training center in Castel Volturno, Naples headquarters.

Konami Training Center, Castel Futorno (Caserta)

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