Defeat Trieste in the first tournament

Defeat Trieste in the first tournament

Challenge on the house with Bizarro season opens Basketball Trieste, who had never before lost to Marche within Friendly Walls. Among the hosts present on the bench is Lever to sign in honor of the signing, after knee surgery, while the role of the former is Frank Gaines, in Pisaro in the 2014/15 season, albeit in just six games.

Trieste Bizarro, the race

Coach Legovich starts with Davis, Bartley, Dingili, Pacher and Spencer. The latter immediately introduces himself to his new fans, following Davis’ skilful directions, while on the other side, Tambone plays Kravic and Cheatam. Captain Deangeli scored on the scoring sheet and ignited the building, with the guests, however, maintaining the advantage until the first half, when the Davis-Spencer duo pops up and lets Trieste influence the match at 11. Defenses are still scored on either side of the parquet, and there are attacks railings and some delicious alleys; Guests take advantage of it to get back on the road thanks to Abdul Rahman in good shape. Even if the entries by Gaines and Campogrande give new life to the Trieste attack, the hosts continue to suffer particularly from Kravic’s drawing initiatives and Tambone dall’arco, prompting Pesaro to close the first 10 minutes at +9.

At the beginning of Part Two, the music doesn’t seem to change, it’s always Carpegna Prosciutto who dictates the rhythm of the game, even changing the champs on the parquet, with Abderrahmane and Totti taking the stage. For Trieste, there are a lot of Gaines, which Bossi and his comrades often willingly search for, but the gap remains in favor of the guests, who do not give up an inch and show great offensive versatility. Davis returns to his usual driver role and Trieste spends some points of difference, hitting -4 after 6 minutes. Tambone and Gaines defy each other from a bow, and under the panels is an affair between Spencer and Totè. Davis’ counterattack and Bartley’s subsequent submersion made the cheer go off again, with Trieste dropping the score. Pesaro runs out of bounty and has some trouble stopping the energy of the hosts, who manage to stay alert, while closing the second break at -3.

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The third quarter that begins with a front-wheel drive Pisaro, pushed by Tamboni and above all Moretti, Trieste relies on Davis, who hits from below and from outside, keeping his players hooked on the score. Trieste’s defense is not infallible, and Pisaro’s players find little opposition in the lines of attack against iron: almost a wedding invitation to the “usual” Abderrahmane and Kravic, who certainly do not allow themselves to pray for them. Butcher and Veldera are unable to take on Kravic and Mazzola and the plot becomes difficult terrain to conquer Trieste. Pizarro widens the gap to two digits to find points also from the arc and coach Lejovich tries to shuffle the cards, bringing Gaines back to the parquet. The effect is not instantaneous, the guests firmly hold the reins of the race, often willingly sending their towers to strike from below and reach +12 at the end.

The last part always starts with Pizarro to lead the race with breakthroughs and points Abdel Rahman unleashed, Trieste is powdery wet and having a hard time producing a turnover. Totè’s Moretti passage perfectly captures the dark moment for Trieste, who is trying to interact with Bartley and Gaines. Moretti and Tamboni differ, and in the middle of the quarter the gap is 17 points in favor of the guests. The audience loudly pushes the team, putting heart and soul into it, but is unable to recover. In the final Pissarro travels on velvet, closes the defensive shirts and allows himself some sway, opening trash time soon and returning the two points (

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Trista Pissarro, Match Report

Basketball Triple – CARPEGNA HAM PESARO 74-100

Basketball Trieste: Gaines 23, Patcher 8, Posey 3, Davis 12, Spencer 4, Dingili 5, Campogrande 3, Feldera 4, Bartley 12, Lever n. Everyone.: Legovich

Carpegna Pesaro Ham: Kravic 20, Abdur-Rahkman 21, Visconti 0, Moretti 19, Tambone 14, Stazzonelli 0, Mazzola 4, Charalampopoulos ne, Totè 10, Cheatham 12, Defino ne. All.: Rebessa

partial: 18-27 / 44-47 / 60-72

the reviewer: Matsoni, Grisons, Katani


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