Roberto Baggio, robbed in his villa during Italy and Spain: the former footballer was beaten and kidnapped with his family for 40 minutes

Roberto Baggio, robbed in his villa during Italy and Spain: the former footballer was beaten and kidnapped with his family for 40 minutes

toRebecca Loisetto, Andrea Pistor and Andrea Pascletto were sent to Vicenza

The bandits locked the Baggio family in a room and remained in the house in Altavilla Vicentina for 40 minutes: Baggio was hit in the forehead with a rifle butt

Roberto Baggio His family were victims of a violent attack on Thursday evening theft While they were watching the match Italy and Spain Valid for the European Football Championship held in Germany.

40 minutes of fear

The nightmare began for this fifty-seven-year-old around 10 p.m. when a gang of at least five people, They are all armedstormed villa From a football player advertisement Altavilla Vicentina (This is what the house looks like). They would be a gang of professionals given the ways in which they operated: it was possible to study the attack down to the smallest detail and choose to start working through it. The Azzurri match will not be accidental. The home’s alarm and security systems could have been disabled at the time of the robbery due to Baggio and the family being inside the farm in front of the television: Most likely some doors and windows It was open due to a very hot evening when no signs of forced entry were found. According to investigation sources, T The criminals had an accent foreign. The whole property is very large, and there is a fence surrounding it but it is far from the house: it has almost certainly been climbed.

Violent quarrel

As soon as the thieves entered the house, the “divine codeno” tried to confront one of them: after a very short quarrel, the thief hit him on the forehead with the butt of the gun, resulting in a deep wound, Then he and his family were shut down in a room. Meanwhile, the criminals turned every room upside down, stealing watches, jewelry and money. It is not yet possible to determine the size of the stolen items. When the footballer realized that the thieves had left, he broke down the door and called the police.

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Vicenza company soldiers intervene, who listened to Baggio and his family, and also already obtained all the video surveillance images. The sample was transferred to the emergency room in Arzignano, Where he was treated with some stitches Before. For other family members it was just a big scare but no one was hurt. Baggio has been married to his wife Andreina for 34 years and they have three children: Valentina, Mattia and Leonardo.

the band

Police on Friday morning They carried out a series of searches in the yard From the residence with Baggio himself accompanying them: it is very likely that the gang entered from the back For the park due to the presence of military colleagues who specialize in forensic medicine They searched that area for a long time. They also sift through private and public surveillance cameras to see if anything has been memorialized. This will not result in similar strikes in the area.

“How scared”

After the inspections, Baggio moved out of the house with his son, and was issued first Advertisement for Ansa via Historical Director Vittorio Petroni: “My family and I would like to thank everyone for the great affection we have received. Thank you very much. In such circumstances anything can happen, and fortunately the violence I was subjected to only caused me some stitches, bruises and a lot of fear. Now all that remains is to overcome the fear.”

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